7 Great Classroom Apps for Teachers


Technology is absolutely everywhere nowadays. In fact, the smartphones that people have in their pockets have more powerful processors than the combined computing power of both the Allies and Axis during World War II. This can be both a blessing and an annoyance. While many apps that children (and adults) download can be a distraction, the educational opportunities that apps can provide are overwhelming.

Bringing educational apps into the classroom is a fantastic, synergistic use of modern technology, and can create a fun, engaging learning and teaching environment. Here are seven of the most interesting, exciting, and educational apps available from the Apple App Store right now.

1. Schoology 

Schoology is a fantastic tool which allows instructors to organize all of their information under one roof. Announcements, documents, management, even communication can be done via the app! The app is the recipient of a 2014 CODiE award, and is highly praised for allowing instructors to run a more organized, streamlined course.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Undoubtedly, as an educator, you're already using PowerPoint (or something similar). It's a staple of information presentation in almost every walk of life nowadays. However, recent developments have yielded newer versions of the software, which are optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile devices! Not only does this mean that you can create presentations on the fly, but the ability to make them beautiful is at your very fingertips.

3. Prezi

Prezi is presentation software for anyone. Think Microsoft PowerPoint, but much, much more visually appealing. Rather than switching from one slide to another, Prezi changes the game with eye-catching animations, beautiful graphics, and engaging aesthetics so that you can better hold kids' attention during your presentation. Prezi also manages data in a very organized way, to help you deliver information and to help kids learn it!

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W.I.S.E. stands for Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations. It is a 4-star iTunes tool which takes over the function of a traditional automated grader (e.g., Scantron). It grades and stores the scores of multiple choice examinations, all from your iPhone. Not only does this mean that all of your data is in one place, but that you can also access it anywhere, and can double (or triple) check whenever you like.

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a fantastic app which combines two of our favorite things, classroom response technology, and games! Of course, teachers love classroom response, as it allows them to know how well their pupils are understanding concepts, however, it isn't always too engaging. Kahoot! aims to fix this. Everyone loves games, and integrating responses in a game form makes things far more interesting, and more exciting for everyone.

6. Final Argument

Final Argument is an iPhone and iPad application that is an alternative to PowerPoint and Prezi. It allows users to create presentations anywhere, and additionally allows them to integrate various pieces of content from numerous sources. It's an excellent solution for condensing information for presentation.

7. Math Training for Kids

Everyone wants their students to love math. Accomplishing that can be tricky. Math can be occasionally confusing, and often monotonous. Math Training for Kids aims to help by presenting the mathematical concepts of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division in the form of games that many children are so fond of already. In this way, the app can help engage and educate students, while simultaneously entertaining them.

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