Advertise with 3D Video Holograms

 Advertise with 3D Video Holograms

Think about presenting your product to a potential client, or marketing to the masses at a convention. While the quality of your product matters, what truly grabs the attention of different individuals is your presentation's "wow factor." It showcases your material in a different way, yet allows interested customers to visually see a product that may not be possible in the given space.

Advertising with 3D video holograms comes straight out of science fiction, but in reality provides a way to present nearly anything, dramatically grabbing the attention of anyone who sees the digital marketing material.

What Are 3-D Video Holograms?

Download - 25 Website Must HavesWhen watching a science fiction movie, you've likely viewed a scene where a rotating, 3D image appears over a console. Maybe it is a space station, or the outline of a person. Whatever it is, the presentation appears in all three dimensions, making it possible to see around presented subject by 360 degrees. While you likely are not outlining plans to destroy a deadly battle station, you can use the hologram to showcase nearly anything you want, all for a surprisingly inexpensive price tag.

What Can You Present?

This digital marketing opportunity allows you to showcase nearly anything in 3D. Perhaps you want to use your company's logo as a backdrop during a presentation, but you don't want it to look flat in the background. The visual elements of a floating, 3D object instantly transforms your presentation and grabs the attention of any viewer. You can use a hologram as your main attraction as well. If you work in the construction industry and wish to showcase a new building design, this digital marketing method instantly makes your product look that much more desirable. Everyone has physically constructed 3D models, and while accurate, these models often fail to wow most viewers. A floating 3D video representation of the plans on the other hand will instantly attract more attention and set your presentation apart.

Affordable Cost

Holograms have existed in many shapes and forms for years now. However, these designs had never been financially accessible to the small or medium business owner. Previous renditions required a considerable investment in expensive technology, and a sizable team to install the required projectors and hardware to produce the visual effect. 3D video holograms of former singers and celebrities (such as Elvis and Michael Jackson) have appeared at music venues and television broadcasts. The visual stunts were created by special effects designers out of the movie and entertainment industries, which simply is out of the realm of most business owners. Now, with the new release of these 3D video holograms, you can afford to take your presentation to the next level, regardless of where the product showcase is to take place.

Worth the Investment

Above anything else, this digital marketing opportunity is an investment in your product. No matter how great the services and products you offer are, it doesn't matter if you are unable to stir up interest in what you offer. To bring in more investors and potential buyers, you need to grab their attention and give them that "wow factor" that sets your products apart from the competition. You can do this if you advertise with 3D video holograms. They are finally affordable for small business owners, yet the technology still seems straight out of a Hollywood big budget movie. Look into this fun new marketing opportunity and you'll see interest in your services reach a new height. Visit kino-mo.com for more information. 

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