Computer Security Is More than Just Software



You've taken the necessary and often expensive step of protecting your computers with firewalls, anti-virus applications, and other software. You want to keep your business information as secure as possible. However, you must also take some physical measures to safeguard this data. Read on to learn why computer security is more than just software. The following tips cost little to nothing!

The Top 10 Most Expensive Computer DisastersHide your displays

If your monitors face public corridors or the lobby, then any visitor to your office can see what's being typed in. If the displays face a window, then someone outside or in the next building can record your on-screen activities with a smarphone cam. Turn your monitors so they face a blank wall and are only visible to the people using them.

Avoid public logins

The free wifi offered at coffeehouses and commuter trains is an excellent way to keep up with work even when you're away from the office. The only problem is that this access is not secure, which means a hacker can easily eavesdrop on your signal to find out what you're entering. To avoid security breaches, do not use anything that requires a login, such as your email account, online bill payment, or company database.

Shred the evidence

Despite the growing use of digital access devices, such as tablets and smartphones, paper may still rule your business in terms of showing information. If a printout contains confidential information, don't just throw it in the garbage, where someone can pick it up. Buy a paper shredder and put the sheet through it so the data becomes unreadable.

Combining both physical and software methods can ensure the best computer security

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