Facts You Should Know about Wi-Fi and Computer Security


Wireless networking, a.k.a. Wi-Fi, has become the preferred method for connecting to the Internet or other computers because of its simplicity. Using Wi-Fi, you can connect anywhere in your home, office, or your local cafe.

How It Works

A simple way to understand wireless networking is to think about how walkie-talkies work. These small radios communicate by transmitting and receiving radio signals. When you use a walkie-talkie, your voice is picked up by a microphone, encoded into a radio frequency and transmitted by the antenna to the other walkie-talkie which then converts that radio frequency back to your voice.

Where to Connect

Finding a wireless hookup (also called a hotspot) for your laptop is getting easier. Thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots are springing up across the country in coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and other public areas for your mobile browsing.

Many hotels, airports and other establishments charge a fee for Wi-Fi access but with a little research, you can find it available free of charge. Some hotel chains like Best Western, Clarion, Comfort Inn and Omni hotels offer free Wi-Fi service to all their guests. To find free hotspots in your area or an area you will be traveling to, go to wefi.com to look it up on their map, or download their free app and keep it with you. You may be delightfully surprised to find what is available in your area.

Security Issues with Wi-Fi Hotspots

Beware, public Wi-Fi access is not as secure as your Internet connection at home or work. Most free wireless networks turn off all computer security functions by default to make it easier to connect.

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Never send credit card numbers or personal information over a public wireless Internet connection. The guy in the next car could grab it as easy as your neighbor.

If you set up your own wireless network, remember that you must go the extra mile to ensure your network is secure. Police report a big business among criminals who use insecure networks to steal data like credit card numbers.

Practice basic Internet safety. To safeguard your computer, turn off file sharing and avoid sending sensitive e-mail or making online purchases.

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