Our Favorite Features of Microsoft's Edge Browser

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The majority of the software included with the new Windows 10 is relatively lackluster. However, there is one bright spot: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the new dynamic web browser that has finally replaced the outdated Internet Explorer. Simply put, Microsoft Edge is designed to help you do more in less time. Continue reading to learn about our favorite features of Microsoft's Edge browser.

Speed and Performance

One of the top aspects of Edge is its new performance and speed. Previously, Internet Explorer developers were slow to adopt some of the newer standards for browsers. As a result, several of the newer sites and web apps looked weird or broken in Explorer. However, Edge is snappy, quick, and works with practically everything. The new browser has even surpassed Google Chrome in multiple benchmark tests. Several reports are also suggesting the browser uses significantly less memory, which means a longer battery life.

Autofill Feature

When you are browsing on your personal computer, filling out forms can be a task. The new Edge browser saves your user name, password, and other personal information. Then, when you revisit websites, Edge will automatically fill in the information. This feature is designed to save users a significant amount of time. By using different browser extensions for managing passwords, Edge can go even farther.

Digital Assistant Cortana

Another really cool feature of the Edge browser is that it comes fully integrated with the Windows 10 digital assistant, Cortana. As you are browsing the web, if you find anything you are not sure about, simply right click and choose "Ask Cortana." Then on the side of the screen, a sliding drawer will appear with various types of additional information. Some of the different types of information Cortana provides are:

  • Headlines
  • News
  • Definitions

Best of all, Cortana provides this additional information without ever taking you away from the website.

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Private Browsing Feature

Currently, most of the other browsers on the market such as Firefox and Chrome offer a feature called private browsing. Edge now comes with a similar feature called InPrivate Browsing. This feature stops the browser from storing web history, collecting cookies, and passwords while the feature is in use. InPrivate Browsing is hugely useful if you are using a friend's laptop or on a public computer. With this feature activated, you can pay bills and check email accounts without worrying about the browser storing your information.

Additional Features

  • Top Sites is another new offering of Edge that is already on Chrome and Firefox. This feature presents the most commonly visited websites as soon as the user opens the browser.
  • New suggested content and stories based on your previous browsing history will be present to you through the Windows 10 virtual assistant, Cortana.
  • The Edge browser offers an on-screen annotation feature that allows users to draw on the screen and export it through screenshots or with Microsoft OneNote.
  • The Hub is a sidebar that stores various elements on the web, such as downloads, browsing history, favorites, and your Reading List.
  • Edge now offers extensions similar to Firefox and Chrome.
You can find all these features and more when you upgrade your workstation to Windows 10! 

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