How to Change Your Business With Email Marketing


Forget what people are saying about email marketing, it's not dead. On the contrary, it's more alive than most realize. Multiple studies have found that the Direct Marketing Association released a report that consumers who open an email marketing message have a 66% chance of making a purchase online. Alchemy Worx found that 76% of the emails are opened within two days of being received. Email marketing can be effective if you know the tricks. When carried out strategically, email marketing will empower your marketing efforts and change your business. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Personalize Your Email, but not with Names

Many businesses have mistakenly believed that a personalized email is simply one that includes the name of the recipient right at the beginning. However, research by Temple’s Fox School of Business has found that the "Dear [Insert Name Here]" format can sometimes backfire. In an age where identity theft and other cyber security breaches run rampant, knowing your recipient's name without them knowing anything about you can raise serious questions and escalate suspicion level. Instead of trying to force familiarity on your audience from the start, try to earn their trust by composing an engaging and relevant marketing message that spark not only interest, but also a sense of intimacy. It's fine to use names. Yet, establishing trust and credibility is more than having the right name and title embedded in the opening.  

Clear Message in a Clean Format

When your crafting your message, make sure that you are "talking to" your audience, and not merely "talking at" them. Marketing is a transaction that involves two people: the seller and the buyer. In order to convince your buyer, you need to have a conversation that helps them to understand how your products can effectively meet a personal need or solve an important problem. Write with your audience in mind to appeal to their interests and desires. Use stories, testimonials and even examples to better illustrate the convenience and expediency your products can deliver. Finally, keep your email short and its format professional. Avoid big words and long sentences. Say as much as you need and nothing more.

Develop a Strong Call-to-Action Voice Throughout

A persuasive marketing proposition is of no benefit to you if you do not have a strong call-to-action established throughout the email, and especially at the end of your message. As a seller, it is your duty to direct prospective buyers to the right resources, whether it is a telephone number they can call, or a form they need to fill out. You need to clearly identify and explain the process for procuring your goods and services. Include that contact information or link between paragraphs of your message. Write your last call-to-action statement in a different font style or size and at the end of your message. That way, your audience will know exactly what to do. Here's ours...!

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Email marketing is an effective marketing tool that enables you to reach a large audience in an eye blink. Carefully think through your marketing message and personalize it for maximum effect. And before you hit "send," make sure you proofread and check for spelling mistakes. Test the links to ensure that they take your readers to the right place. It's a shame to miss a great sale because you misspelled a word, provided the wrong link or gave incorrect contact info. 

meWritten By Mike Tungate

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