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A website without traffic is as good as having no website at all. It is the proverbial tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear it. The website is your contact with the outside world. You should have a way of making your clients and potential clients aware that your website exists and building interest so that they actually visit the site.

There are several ways you can generate organic search traffic to your business website. Organic traffic is less affected by search engine updates and you are not likely to be penalized as you would from "black hat" search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Here is a quick preview of best practice strategies for maximizing your website as a marketing tool and increase traffic to your website. 

Start with Quality Content

Content is king. Search engines will reward you if you are consistent in producing high quality content for your prospects and other website visitors. It is important to maximize the value of content that you publish online so that people share it on various platforms with ease. This is the main idea behind content marketing. Furthermore, high quality content is going to elevate your author rank and make you visible in organic search results. The key to going viral is quality content.

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Optimize Your Articles

If you are starting to rank your keywords in their importance to your business and customers, then you can use them for your website SEO. The key components of optimizing the webpage are the keywords, description, and title in the HTML "meta" tags. There are several tools available on major blog platforms and applications on websites that help you achieve that without much effort.

You may find it hard to focus solely on the popular keywords, especially if you have a new website. A better way is to look for very specific keywords, and write many good quality articles on the same topic. They produce better results than just focusing on keywords to bring more traffic.

Ethical Link Building

The foundation to off-page search engine optimization is the use of keyword-embedded links. You can get quality links from your business partners, suppliers, the press, your customers, and vendors among other quality, credible sources that you interact with. Link to other website pages that have high page rank and in a short while it will have a similar effect on your web page.

Be Constant and Consistent 

As you continue to produce quality content online, you stand a better chance of getting lots of organic traffic on the various targeted and related keywords that you write about. If you are having a company website, ensure that you have a blog on the side where you churn quality articles with the keywords that you are targeting. The articles focus on a wide range of keywords and reach a large number of interested visitors. Keep this practice for years down the line and you will enjoy a constant flow of website traffic.

High Quality Design

The main aim of inviting visitors to your website is for them to interact with your offering and take action. Thus, visiting the website is not enough; you must entice them to stay longer on your site. The first strategy is to create an appealing website. Make efforts to create and use high quality graphics. Look at the choice of colors and navigation so that they are pleasing and effective.

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Studies show that most visitors stay on average of ten seconds on a site before they decide whether to continue or go back to the search results. You should thus excite the visitor in the first ten seconds. Increasing traffic to your site is not is not a one-off affair. It involves continually creating avenues where the visitors can find you and bring their friends too.

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