Is Internet Explorer Going Away with Windows 10?


The rumor mill has our attention again, but this time, it may have some legitimacy. If Microsoft keeps its promise about creating a new browser that is more powerful than Internet Explorer (IE), then the rumors and gossip we've heard in the past months will soon affect your browser choice. Many internet users often invest valuable time testing browsers like, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, and then decide which one to use. With Spartan, Microsoft has high hopes that this new browser has the potential to surpass its rivals. For business owners who are loyal to IE, Spartan has a good chance to earn your trust and encourage even the most skeptical IE user to give it a fair shot. 

Why the Switch: From Internet Explorer to Spartan

As the oldest surviving mainstream browser, IE boasts a stunning 20-year history in the tech industry. In its early days, IE was considered the best and most standard-compliant application of all time. However, failure to improve and stay up to date with the new standards, have caused IE to attract more enemies than fans. Delayed load speed, out-of-date display settings and the overall user experience of IE has diminished, causing some users to openly despise the browser while others have simply abandoned use of it.

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The birth of Spartan that is expected to take place after the release of Windows 10 is Microsoft's strategy to rebrand its browsing capabilities and compete on a reasonably level playing ground. Spartan seeks to eliminate the weaknesses of IE, while upgrading browser security and performance. Equipped with a clean and streamlined interface and web page annotation system, Spartan is a part of the Windows 10 overhaul that promises to work great on PCs, phones, tablets and even Xbox consoles.

Impact of Spartan to Businesses

As excitement about Spartan spreads, many are suggesting that the new browser is going to help Microsoft dissociate from the old IE brand. According to longtime Microsoft observer Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet, "While the switch from IE to Spartan appears to be more an exercise in rebranding rather than a big technical change...Spartan will [definitely] look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox." The fact that it is created to be a "lightweight" browser means that Spartan is expected to load faster and perform better than IE.

Whereas good old IE allows users to work intuitively with cloud-based tools like Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Office Online (formerly known as Office Web Apps), Spartan is further enhanced with modern features to fine-tune your browsing experience. With Spartan, businesses are promised to have clear and crisp displays with a clean user interface. Coveted features such as off-line reading mode and Cortana voice recognition are also integrated into the browser.

The Dawn of Spartan

Spartan is not only compatible with both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10, but also includes an attractive list of extension supports to improve its versatility and user experience. It is expected to be lighter and quicker than IE 11, so users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Tech rumors are rampant, but reality is about to set in as Microsoft moves forward with the "Windows 10-Spartan" duo. In the meantime, let's be on the lookout for Spartan's release and see if it lives up to expectations!Download: 25 Website Mus Haves

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