Is Your Facebook Account Secure?

Is Your Facebook Account Secure?

Utilizing Facebook is a popular and effective tool to market a business and network with clients. It is easy to assume that your information is secure; however, if you do not take the proper security precautions, your information can be available to anyone. Is Your Facebook Account Secure? Such unrestricted access to information opens the door for identity theft or any other means of a breach of security. The following measures will help you to ensure that your information is safe and secure on Facebook.

Your Password

Your password is one of the most important security features you can utilize.

  • Use a password that will not be easily guessed. Facebook suggests using a combination of at least 6 letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Also, avoid using your name or any common words (like your pet's name or your old high school).
  • Keep your Facebook password unique only to Facebook. In other words, don't use the same password for Facebook with any other account or website.
  • Keep your password secret. Don't share it with anyone else.

Login Approvals

Facebook offers another security feature for your password called Login Approvals. This two-step verification asks for two areas of information each time you log in: a password and a security code that is sent to your phone.

Use Login Alerts

Login Alerts will notify you if anyone has accessed your account from a different device. If you get a message that someone has indeed breached your account, notify Facebook and they will secure your account by changing your passwords and reviewing your posts.

To turn on Login Alerts:

  • Tap the settings button (looks like 3 horizontal bars, aka the hamburger button)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and choose Account Settings > Security
  • Tap 'Login Alerts' and select the types of alerts to receive.

Don't Open Things that Appear Suspicious

Just like in your e-mail inbox, Facebook is susceptible to spam, hacking and phishing. Things to be wary of:

  • Posts from friends asking for money to obtain a "free prize"
  • Too good to be true offers and deals.

If you do encounter posts or messages of this sort, alert Facebook by clicking the arrow in the top corner and choose Report post.

If your Facebook account has been hacked:

  • Click 'need help' on your mobile log-in screen
  • Click 'Help center' -->Login and Password
  • Select "I think my account has been hacked or someone is using it without permission."

This will guide you through the process of a password reset and a post review. If anything has been posted to your account without your knowledge and permission, you can report these posts for deletion.

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Lastly, make sure to log out of Facebook when you are done with your session.Click Here - To Download 21 Questions E-Book

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