Is your Mac safer than a PC?

What is safer, mac or pc?

Apple security, Microsoft security... no matter what kind of computer you have, protection against viruses and hackers is important. It’s definitely one of the things that people take into consideration when deciding between purchasing an Apple computer and a Windows-based PC. Many people assume that Macs are inherently more secure than PCs, but is that really true? Read this blog post to read our thought on the age old question: Is your Mac safer than a PC?

New Call-to-actionApple Security, Microsoft Security: No System is Fully Secure

In this Mac vs Pc World, Understand this: No hardware, software, or any other data platform is 100% secure. A dedicated person or group can and will find a way to infiltrate a system if they really want to. Your data security has more to do with your own diligence than it does with which operating system you’re running.

Macs Do Get Viruses

Many people out there believe there are no Mac viruses, or that Macs are immune to malware and other nasty things that can infect other types of computers. However, Macs do get viruses. They are open to exploits. If you’re curious, look into these foul Mac attacks.

  • Mac Flashback
  • BlackHole RAT
  • OS X Pinhead

These viruses infected thousands of Macs.

It’s all in the Numbers

There is something about Macs that makes them a little safer than PCs. It’s the market penetration. Fewer people use Macs.

Keep in mind that about 90% of the world’s computer users use Windows-based PCs. If someone wanted to create an exploit with the biggest impact, they would go after the largest target possible.

When somebody does take the time to program a Mac exploit, it has a far greater impact on the Mac community as a whole. That’s because there are less computers for the exploit to get to.

The Challenge and the Thrill

Unfortunately, because there was so much talk about how much more secure Macs are compared to PCs, there are now many people out there actively exploiting vulnerabilities to prove otherwise.

There’s a good chance that you will see more Mac exploits in the future. Everyone knows that when you tell people that something isn’t possible, those people will go out of their way to prove you wrong.

Currently in Apple’s Favor

Mac computers still represent a minority. There are far fewer bad things targeting them than PCs. So, if you want to use Macs in your business, then go right ahead.

Just know that you shouldn’t choose the Apple platform because you think it’s more secure than others. There are plenty of good reasons to choose a Mac or a PC besides computer security.

Power Over Your Data Security

Securing your network and your systems is all on you. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC. What matters is that you use good security software, and train yourself (and others) to practice good security protocols.

  • Always keep software updated
  • Always require passwords
  • Only give access to those that need it
  • Invest in good virus protection
  • Backup your data frequently
  • Use firewalls

Given enough time, a dedicated hacker will likely figure out how to get into your system somehow, eventually. But vicious and tenacious people like that are rare. Your job is to secure your assets in order to make it hard for the thousands of other, ordinary, comparatively lazy would-be hackers. Apple security, Microsoft security, it doesn’t matter. One of the best deterrents is to make the process hard for them and they'll move on to target someone else.

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