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LinkedIn is the premiere online social network for professionals. It allows people to connect with like-minded peers, and also provides plentiful opportunities for job seekers and employees to market themselves competitively. Because LinkedIn is a cradle of professional profiles, companies of all sizes use it to recruit new talent. However, talent recruitment is not the only reason to maintain a competitive and reputable brand. Many companies use LinkedIn for social marketing, especially for business-to-business services.

When it comes to marketing, having a good name goes a long way. Company branding refers to the process of promoting your company and increasing its name recognition through various channels. Companies that have successfully established authority in their niche market often experience substantial growth and a significant improvement in lead conversions. While much effort is often invested in external brand promotions, it is important for companies to secure confident endorsement from "the insiders" as well.

If those who work for you feel positively about your brand, then you can double the value of all your external brand promotions while helping your employees with their professional growth. Here are three ways to grow your company's LinkedIn network through your employees:

Link Your Employees Together Using LinkedIn Groups

Promote a sense of community and brand loyalty with LinkedIn Groups. Create a company forum and invite employees to communicate with each other, establish rapport, share ideas and give constructive feedback to company policies and practices. The forum discussions serve as a great way for you to understand the needs of your employees. Regularly check the forum to find innovative ways to honor your employees' opinions and earn their trust.  

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Encourage Employee Participation

Besides establishing a company forum, encouraging your employees to publish on the LinkedIn publishing platform is another great way to gauge employee satisfaction. If you are a manager or the executive of the company, you can inspire employees to publish by consistently posting content on LinkedIn yourself. Doing so not only effectively educate your employees, but also encourages them to comment, share and promote your thoughts on LinkedIn. As time goes on, your employees will voluntarily engage in content publication as they see the need and benefit to present their thoughts in a more detailed and professional manner

Help Employees to Improve Their LinkedIn Profiles  

Turn your employee into a brand ambassador by helping him or her to have a competitive LinkedIn profile. While some employers may fear that helping employees with their LinkedIn profiles might make them more susceptible to being "poached by other companies," the reality is exactly the opposite. Most employees feel valued when you take the time to create a tip sheet or a series of videos to advance their career goals. This act of kindness is especially attractive to prospective talents or candidates who are interested in finding a company that is committed to the well-being of their employees. 

Internal brand promotion is the process of using existing talents to advance your company's brand. You both get two benefits for the price of one in helping individuals and helping the team. Start with forums on LinkedIn and slowly invite your employees to participate in your marketing efforts. The process is easy, cost-effective and rewarding. Click Here - To Download Professional Web Presence E-Book

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