Public vs Private Cloud Computing


Regardless of the type of cloud computing system chosen, almost everyone is in lockstep agreement that there are serious advantages to utilizing a cloud system versus a traditional physical server network for your business technology needs. However, there is still the choice of whether a given cloud system should be used in a public, open-access format, or whether it should be secured, i.e. private, in access design.

The beauty of the public cloud computing is that it can be used by multiple players at the same time without actually making contact with each other. The ability to parcel out or partition the base server in lots of sections allows significant versatility in meeting user needs in a whole group.

From an administrative perspective the public cloud model is very easy to manage for cost recovery. Utilizing a pay-as-you-go approach, each client pays for his slice and the customization on that section of the overall server. This is an easy way to match price to exact need, making the public cloud extremely attractive when space is being sold as a revenue maker.

Sharing is Caring... about your bottom line

New Call-to-actionFor cost-conscious users a public cloud is the best approach when it comes to efficiency. You pay for exactly what you are using and there’s no long-term contract to be locked into. This month you need enough server capacity for 10 employees. Next month you pay for 50 workers. After that, you pay for 20 access points. The server access and time on the system can even be limited to just the actual use of the server. Both methods allow for extreme cost control, which is a nice thing for bootstrap businesses who need network power but need to save dollars to operate on a margin.

Finally, a public cloud doesn’t have to be maintained by the client. The provider takes care of performance issues, hardware repairs, software updates, et cetera. These costs are within the rate a client is charged, so there’s no surprise and unexpected IT charges. While the provider has to manage these issues, the public cloud user keeps functioning as before without having to juggle credit or monies to keep a network going.

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In comparison, private cloud computing is by definition a far more secure system dedicated to just the client and no one else. Even the administration of the private cloud is maintained in-house. This can be a huge advantage in keeping data private and protected since a public cloud use means fundamentally trusting a third party with data. Along the same lines, companies that have to worry about federal compliance with data protection, records protection, and financial integrity can’t do so with a public cloud system. The private cloud design, on the other hand, more than meets the related security requirements. The user controls both the software system as well as the hardware to ensure compliance.

Have it Your Way

Customization is a big plus with a private cloud. While the public version offers scalability, the client still has to work in someone else’s idea of server approach. Instead, the private cloud can be tailored to exactly what a customer wants.

Where speed and high processing capability is needed, industrial capacity servers can be connected to a private cloud to boost its performance. This is not possible with a public approach. A client on a public server is stuck with the same performance everyone else gets. There is no variability on processing speed.

There is no perfect cloud for everyone. Both options have pros and cons, but the best cloud is the one that fits specific needs and allows change over time when change is needed. If you need help, look to a company like EnvisionIT Solutions in your area. We know technology so you don't have to!

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