Technology Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Using Windows 7


Your operating system, just like every other tool in your office, has to work for you on multiple levels. Here are some of the best technology tips, tricks, and secrets for using Windows 7 for your business.


Windows 7 makes it easy to search for a file on a personal computer.

Search within a folder – You can search in any open folder using the upper right search window.

Search the PC – From the start menu, you can type in anything that you’re looking for in the search window.

Search anytime – In Windows 7, the F3 key is the one you use for searching. You can open a search window by pressing it. You can also go directly to the search window by pressing it when you have a browser or a folder open.

Search non-indexed files – If you start your search with “content:” then you can also search non-indexed files.

Federated search – A federated search allows you to search remote sources from your desktop. To use it, you have to find or create connectors. These will give you the ability to run web searches for particular sites from your normal search.

Window Management

It may not seem like much until you need it, but Windows 7 has a few tools for minimizing multiple windows.

Show desktop – There’s the “show desktop” button on the far right of the task bar. You can use it to either peek at the desktop or minimize all windows as if you pressed winkey+m.

Aero Shake – If you left click and hold on the title bar of window you want to keep open, you can shake it and cause every other window to minimize.

Pin it to the Taskbar

You could pin things to the taskbar in the past, but in Windows 7 it’s a feature that will likely become indispensable. Once you pin a folder to the taskbar, you will have an explorer folder with your most commonly used folders available to you immediately. Any program you pin will also become immediately available.

You can then pin things to those icons. For example, you can pin Microsoft Word to the taskbar. From there, you can pin your most commonly used word documents. All you have to do is left click on the Word icon and push up with your mouse. You will see not just the items that you pinned, but also the most recently opened files for that particular program.

This works for everything, and it can help you save a lot of time. If you pin a browser like Chrome then the menu will include your most visited sites and the windows you most recently closed.

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Create unique pins – Folders and drives automatically become pinned to the windows explorer folder if you drag and drop them. If you want a folder to have its own space on the taskbar then you have to do a little work.

  • Create a blank text document
  • Change the name of the text document to *.exe (* can be whatever you want)
  • Drag the file onto the taskbar
  • Right click on the taskbar icon and right click on the file name
  • Go to properties
  • Change the “Target” and “Start in” fields to whatever folder or drive you want
  • Change the icon to better represent what the icon points to

Keep Exploring Windows 7

There are tons of other tips, tricks, and secrets in Windows 7. Some are simple, and some are more complex. Just taking advantage of the ones listed here can save time and boost productivity. Explore these, and see what others you can find.Click Here - To Download 21 Questions E-Book

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