Three Features of User Experience Design for your Business Website


When you hire a designer to work on your website, what factors rank highest in your mind? For many business owners, a great web design is one that strikes the perfect combination of aesthetics and professionalism. Everything from the font style to the design colors need to complement each other. You want the logo to be a creative and competent representative of your business, while the icons and other features should work seamlessly to support the overall appeal of your web design. While all of these are critical considerations to a website design project, more than half of your web design success depends not on its extravagant look, but on the experience it delivers. With that in mind, how is the user experience on your business website?

What is Website User Experience Design?

User experience design for the web, a.k.a. UXD or "Web UX" focuses on tailoring your design objectives around your users — their needs, wants, and wishes. A website designed with the user experience in mind seeks to enhance user satisfaction by improving the functionality, ease of use, and comfort of a user's interaction with your goods and services on the web. While most web designers put their energy into designing a beautiful website, an experienced one designs a beautiful website around your users. 

When given a new web design project, our team delves into the UX aspect of the design to professionally maximize user experience. While our website design varies from client to client, we have noticed that a web design built around user experience generally includes these three features:

Large Pictures

When it comes to web design, bigger pictures and less text seems to rule the web. Because we live in the informational world, constant exposure to text and words exhausts even the most avid Internet researchers. At EnvisionIT Solutions, we recommend using large images on the main page with text overlay. Doing so greatly relieves users from the burden of processing a string of new words, while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the image for its artistic and innovative appeals. 

Clean and Organized Layout

Pick your colors with care so that they clearly communicate the message of your business. If your website has a lot of stuff going on, we recommend uncluttering the space, including getting rid of any flashy, bright elements often used by annoying commercials. Keep everything neat and organized to help your users locate information and navigate your website with ease. 

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Designs

With more users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices, developing a mobile-friendly website is absolutely non-negotiable. In studying the trend of mobile users, we have found from external sources:

  • that 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones or tablets to shop;
  • 40% of people immediately leave a non-mobile friendly website;
  • 94% of consumers search and compare services from their phones before making a purchase.

Because a mobile-friendly website design can really make or break a sale, EnvisionIT Solutions makes it a mission to design only mobile-friendly, responsive websites to supercharge the experience of our website visitors. That way you can truly corner the market and improve your traffic conversion from website visitor to customer.

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meWritten By Mike Tungate

Hello! I am the Web Services Manager @ EnvisionIT Solutions. I create beautiful websites, branding and marketing systems for businesses. Let me know if you have any questions. I am an avid photographer and a lover of musical instruments. 

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