Watch out for these Business Technology Nightmares in 2015


Whether you are the CEO of your own business or a regular IT guy, you have to admit that 2014 was a rough year for the information technology industry. Maybe you are still feeling the aftermath of those cyber breaches and challenges! The arrival of the new year instills renewed and refreshing expectations that can make even a pessimist hopeful.

Before you get too carried away by the new year spirit, there are some IT nightmares looming on the horizon. Here are three you should be mindful of for your business technology in 2015:

1. Cybersecurity

Hackers are not going anywhere. In fact, their New Year's Resolution may just be to succeed their hacking record of 2014. Computer security in 2015 is going to witness unprecedented challenges as malicious attacks grow more wicked and frequent. To stay ahead of the cybersecurity game, not only do you need to have your anti-virus software updated frequently, but you also need a strategic, innovative security system to fend off ferocious attacks. Managed IT services will help you keep a watchful eye on your computer networks 24/7 and promptly alert you of any suspicious activity in your system. 

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2. Multifactor Authentication

When you log in to our system, how do we know if you really are who you say you are? The overwhelming amount of security breaches, incidents of identity theft and so on will fuel the drive for multifactor authenticity (MFA). MFA is a security system that requires more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a transaction.  Information Security magazine explains that, "Multifactor authentication combines two or more independent credentials: what the user knows (password), what the user has (security token) and what the user is (biometric verification)." However, MFA is costly, requires complex integration with the existing IT ecosystem and frustrates the end-user experience. This form of authentication demands lots of attention and maintenance, making the virtual world more complicated and not necessarily more secured. 

3. Data Classification and Management

There is a lot of data out there. Effectively organizing, managing, and securing growing amounts of data within your organization is an on-going business technology challenge that keeps getting bigger. Top this off with rapid updates, new products, programs and software, and you will understand why Stephen Neff, CTO at Fidelity Investments, believes that "velocity of change" is what hinders IT processes and innovation. According to Neff, "Not only is there so much change in our world right now between what used to be called emerging technologies, but they are all hitting at the same time...The pace has actually increased, and they're all additive in the nature of our business."

With mobile technology, social media, collaboration tools, big data, analytics, and cloud computing, there are more decisions to be made and more technology options to help you do business. However, keeping track of the possibilities is a job of its own. That’s why at EnvisionIT Solutions, we offer Managed IT services along with the full spectrum of IT consulting services. We know technology, so you don’t have to! EnvisionIT Solutions provides IT support in Albuquerque for our clients in New Mexico, their offices and remote workers all over the United States.

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