What Every Business Owner Should Know about Network Monitoring


Today, every business looks to gain a competitive advantage in their market. Larger organizations find this competitive edge in their IT department. While large corporations are privy to IT departments with around-the-clock professionals and help desk engineers, small to mid-size businesses simply don't have those resources available. However, by using a remote server monitoring service, smaller companies can level the playing field by offering many of the same benefits as a large company's IT department. A remote server monitoring service proactively monitors and manages a wealth of network and security tools. Some of these advantages are detailed below.

Boost Efficiency and Save Time

A remote server monitoring service can reinforce overall productivity by cutting costs and saving time. These cost savings will allow you to invest resources elsewhere in your business. With a server monitoring service, all of the computers in your network are visible in one central location. As a result, you will have access to real-time information, which can save administrators from weeks of troubleshooting if something goes wrong. One significant feature of a server monitoring service is that IT teams can collaborate on potential issues, further improving accuracy and efficiency.

Receive Insight

When you use a network monitoring service, valuable insights about the overall health of your network become readily available. In addition, a network monitoring service can send alerts for areas that need attention or improvements.  These essential insights enable the IT support team to respond with a precise and accurate solution, decreasing the amount of expensive downtime. Because the server monitoring service checks the network around the clock, software updates, patches, and hardware upgrades can be automatically scheduled and the IT team can be notified as updates and upgrades become available. With a server monitoring service, your network's critical applications can be tracked and stay up to date.

Early Detection

A remote network monitoring service can allow network irregularities to be detected almost instantly. Some of the most common irregularities and problems include:

  • Windows updates being turned off

  • Out of date anti-virus software

  • Windows firewall being disabled

  • The disk space falling under a certain percentage of free space

Once an issue arises, IT administrators can be alerted so they can quickly take the best action. As a result, you can be actively engaged in proactive network maintenance and reduce the amount of downtime and diminished productivity. Without a server monitoring service, it's not unusual for issues to go unnoticed for hours, days, or even weeks. An overlooked network error can result in significant system downtime, possibly growing into a larger problem costing more money to fix it.  

Reduce Interruptions

Since no network is perfect, technology and network disruptions can be impossible to predict.  However, with preventive maintenance and steady network monitoring you can still reap the benefits of technology. When a network is down it can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost productivity and even cause customer dissatisfaction. With the increasing cost of customer acquisition, it's important to make sure your network is functioning optimally. In the event of the inevitable network interruption, it's important to solve your problem as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions. Remote server monitoring services work with companies and networks of all sizes across any industry, and is especially beneficial to small to mid-sized companies.Click here to sign up for a Free network assessment

meWritten By Kevin Gray

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