What is an LMS and How Can Your Small Business Benefit From It?

Learning Management System

It is a common misconception that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are made for large businesses. The fact is, small businesses actually benefit the most! LMS can help businesses achieve effective employee training and help them succeed in ongoing development. The best part is it  assists small businesses without having to spend a lot of money. LMS helps businesses track:

  • your company's Skills Inventory.
  • where, when, and who attended training.
  • the status of people enrolled in self-paced courses.
  • who completed the courses' assigned tasks.
  • how people scored on testing, which allows you to see where improvements are needed.
  • details on quizzes and tests, so you can make sure you are asking questions effectively.
  • time and money spent on training (by each employee and each course).
  • feedback so you know where to make adjustments.

Regardless of your niche, or the number of employees your business has, LMS can be a powerful education technology tool that helps you achieve success. The following are the 5 main benefits of using a learning management system for your small business:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

First of all, LMS does not require an instructor to be physically present. They also don't require printed materials. Without having to spend money on an instructor's travel fees or printing booklets for training, it is extremely cost-effective, particularly for smaller businesses that have tighter budgets. 

2. Track Employee Progress and Skill-Set Development Easily 

With a learning management system, your company gains the ability to track of the development and progress of employees. All of the results and reports are available for your viewing for the duration of the employees' online training participation. This can also benefit by allowing you to give the opportunity for advancement or transfer to another department after your satisfaction of the progress you see on the LMS.

3. Customize for the Best Results

It is easy to tailor a program to meet your company's needs when using LMS. You can update it to include new information or training materials. It's scalable, which means you can pick and choose the functions and features you want, rather than having to purchase a large bundle of learning tools or courses that includes items you don't need. This makes it more ideal for small business that don't need the whole package, not to mention it is budget-friendly.

4. Enables Employees to Stay Up-to-Date on Products and Policies

Learning management systems are a great tool for small businesses because it allows you to keep your employees updated conveniently and quickly. This can lead to increased sales due to the fact that your employees will be informed about the new goods or services that your company is offering. Thus, employees will be better equipped to pitch these to consumers. In addition, customers are more likely to purchase from a company that can answer questions and not make them wait or be misinformed. LMS are also ideal for small businesses since it can help you keep up-to-date on new laws and policies. This can help your company avoid fines or penalties. 

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5. Enhances Customer Service

When LMS helps improve your employees' performance, this will in turn improve customer service and satisfaction. Teach your employees to expand your customer base and increases profits. The learning materials will significantly boost the service your company offers and lead to customer loyalty and increased profits.

We recommend using Learning Management Services for our Managed IT clients. It is easy, efficient, and the best thing you can do for the long-term growth of your business. 

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