Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly


A few years ago, people viewed websites primarily on desktop computers. As the popularity of mobile phones and tablets have grown, they have proven to be a much more convenient and enjoyable way to browse the web. This is why your website must be mobile friendly.  

Popularity: Mobile devices are quickly overtaking desktops in internet browsing. See graphic below. 


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Convenience: People on the go that hear about your business will grab their smart phone or tablet to go to your website and learn more about you. If you website is not mobile friendly, they will probably go somewhere else. 


Fast: Websites optimized for mobile often load faster than standard websites by a few seconds. Those few seconds are everything. A few seconds faster keeps people engaged and interested in your website. A few seconds too long and customers leave for alternate solutions.

Download - 25 Website Must HavesExtended Stay: Many people use their cell phone, tablet or other mobile device for longer periods of time than their desktop. For others, a mobile device is all they use.  Therefore, it's very likely that they will browse your site longer. 

Having your website designed with the Responsive Web Design method is the easiest and most effective way for your website to be mobile friendly. Once the website is created, the rest is done automatically according to how visitors view their website.

meWritten By Mike Tungate

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