Will a 2-in-1 Laptop Hybrid Work for You?


 The 2-in-1, or laptop hybrid, is a nifty piece of computer hardware that combines features found in both laptops and tablets. If you are considering purchasing this device for work, make sure that it incorporates the features that you need and fits with your current business technology framework. It should also feel comfortable during regular use.


Start with Your Budget

Laptop hybrid computers combine laptop performance and tablet convenience, which expands on the growing trend towards screen touch devices. You must consider many factors when deciding whether a 2-in-1 laptop will work with your existing computer network setup, as well as for your personal needs. The devices are gaining in popularity due to their diminishing prices, making them a serious candidate for many computer users.


2-in-1 devices can cost from around $50 to $2,500. Because of the many available configurations, it is challenging to conduct a simple side-by-side comparison. Therefore, begin your search by carefully contemplating what features you need and then test the models that fit your criteria.


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Things to Consider

Download: What you should expect to pay for IT Services. Since the monitor is the main way most users access information, monitor quality is a very important, however overlooked, feature. To judge this characteristic, preview content similar to what you normally view on your device to identify an acceptable monitor resolution.


Another consideration is whether to choose a clamshell, detachable or rotating hinge. For instance, if you prefer using the touchscreen, you should opt for a detachable hinge model, which houses the important components in the screen. The keyboards connect easily when needed, and often double as a monitor stand. A clamshell model works well for individuals that prefer a traditional configuration and use a touchscreen infrequently.


If you are a heavy touch typist, make sure that the keyboard feels adequate for sustained work. Additionally, if you are gentle with your devices, a lighter model may suffice. However, if you spend time working in a demanding environment, you want to choose a more durable model. You must also consider how your work habits will change with the new computer. If you travel frequently, make sure that the components can stay in place and consider how the size and shape of the new device can affect your daily routine.


Weighing Your Options

With a laptop hybrid, there are tradeoffs that you must consider; one device can only house limited features. You should contemplate the configurations you need now and in the future. For instance, you may need a rotating screen to display different programs. If weight is a concern, or if you prefer using the touchscreen, a detachable keyboard model is probably your ideal configuration.


Try It Out

If you are a heavy computer user, you need to consider device performance and power consumption. Browse the Internet and try to gauge whether the display is comfortable enough for regular use. Also, try to find a device with the same or better chipset than your current device. While all computers initially appear relatively fast, you will see how it truly performs after installing your business and personal software.


The laptop hybrid computer is the latest technology offering for computer users with merging digital needs. If you are looking for an updated mobile device, make sure that it can perform your daily work and personal tasks. Your new laptop hybrid must also have enough computing power to handle your normal workload easily.


Consider your current workspace and its ergonomics. Would it be easy to actually use the touchscreen, or would you just end up using the keyboard? Make sure your fancy new device would be comfortable during regular use. 


A few options if you are considering a Laptop Hybrid

  • Microsoft Surface 4 and Surface Book
  • Lenovo Yoga 900
  • HP Spectre x360
  • Toshiba Satellite Radius 12
  • HP Pavilion x2
  • Dell Inspiron 13 7000
  • HP Elite x2 1012 G1

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