That Fake App Just Stole Your ID

Posted by Kevin Gray

Jan 17, 2017 2:14:02 PM

Ryan loved tweaking photos on his Android phone.  

He’d heard rave reviews from his friends with iPhones about Prisma, a new iOS app for image editing. So when he heard Prisma would soon be released for Android, he logged in to the Google Play Store to see if it was there yet. 

To his surprise, he found one that looked just like what his friends were describing. Delighted, he downloaded and started using it. Meanwhile, the app—a fake—was busy installing a Trojan horse on his phone. 

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How Long is Your Slow Computer Start Up Time

Posted by Kevin Gray

Nov 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM

As a busy business owner, nothing is more frustrating than being made to wait; especially when that waiting seems unnecessary. And when it comes to waiting for your computer to start up, most business owners are all too familiar with the frustration of impatiently watching as their computer goes through the slow and agonizing process of getting ready for you to actually use it. Most Microsoft Windows computers take between 3-4 minutes to completely rev up, not including opening any programs outside of the start-up menu. Multiply that time over a year, and you’ve got yourself 17 hours of staring at the screen, drumming your fingers on the desk and trying to figure out how to be productive while your computer boots up.

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The Age of Smartphones: How To Prepare Your Website

Posted by Amy Williams

Nov 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM


 There’s a growing trend in the United States, and we’re willing to bet you're part of it. Can you guess what it is? It’s smartphone ownership.

Sixty-eight percent of adult Americans own a smartphone, up from 35 percent in 2011. That’s an increase of 80,015,371 smartphones in only 5 years. 

The pocket sized computers’ ownership growth is off the charts, and makes the devices impossible to ignore in day-to-day life.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news feeds, and Google searches are all available with a button push and a few finger swipes.

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