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May 23, 2023

4 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

4 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses


There's nothing worse than coming into the office to log into business applications only to find that you're missing data or have suffered from an attack. Unfortunately, that's all too common in today's world.


Cybercrime is at an all-time high and shows no sign of slowing down.  10% of small companies experience a cyberattack every year.


That's why it's so critical that you do everything possible to optimize digital security in your company. Use the four cybersecurity tips below to secure your business servers against hackers.

1. Implement Two-Factor Authentication

Strong passwords are only the first step in securing your company accounts. Even if you implement a password policy that makes passwords hard to guess, that doesn't mean your passwords will never get compromised.


Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security. If someone tries to log into an account with a password, they get sent a secondary code to another device. Email, text messaging, and authentication applications are the most popular ways to get this code.

This code will prevent hackers with stolen passwords from accessing your company's accounts.

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2. Invest in Anti-Malware Software

Even with a great security strategy, you won't always be able to prevent malicious files from making it onto your network. Employees will download files, hackers will find backdoors, and your team will receive malicious emails.


Anti-malware software will protect you in most of these situations. The software scans all file New Call-to-Actiondownloads against known threats and removes anything that looks suspicious. Once a file gets removed, you can view it in quarantine to remove it permanently or restore it if there is a false positive.


These tools will also receive regular updates to their threat databases. New threats are created all the time, so you need the most up-to-date software to remain secure.

3. Keep Software Updated

Software products don't ship without bugs. Even the most experienced software developers will introduce program errors. The problem is that those aren't always discovered until a hacker finds an exploit.


That's why it's critical to keep your software updated. Software vendors regularly update their software with fixes to common bugs and security problems.


If you're worried about disrupting your normal operation, set up a test environment to try program updates. You can resolve conflicts before rolling software updates out to your organization.

4. Train Your Employees

Your employees are, unfortunately, one of the biggest threats you have in business.


You have to rely on them to follow procedures, spot malicious activity, and avoid giving away sensitive information. If you have a large team, the chances are good that someone will eventually slip.


Employee training can help in this situation. You must train your team to stay safe on the internet and follow company procedures.


The first step is to create documentation telling people what they should and shouldn't do on your network. From there, you can purchase an online training course or use in-person training to educate people about internet safety.

Don't Wait to Use These Cybersecurity Tips

You can't afford to take security lightly when there are so many threats on the internet. One mistake is all it takes to compromise your business and expose your critical data to attackers.


That's why you can't wait to use the cybersecurity tips above if you haven't used them yet. Put them in place today to improve your company's cyber defenses.


But optimizing a security plan for a business isn't easy if you don't have IT

experience. Contact the experts at Envision IT solutions to speak with a security specialist who can help.

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