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November 4, 2021

5 Reasons to Fix Your Landing Page Design

5 Reasons to Fix Your Landing Page Design

5 Reasons to fix your landing page

Landing pages and landing page optimization (LPO) are essential to lead generation for any business. They give your customers a place to "land" after engaging with an ad, social post, or other digital or analog marketing initiatives.


Customers who click through to a landing page are more likely to engage with your brand because it indicates a clear call to action.


The key to effective landing pages lies in the landing page design. It should engage visitors with relevant information and compel customers to take action. This article will look at five landing page tips to increase their effectiveness.

1. Keep to the Point

A landing page isn't a place to tell your entire brand story. It's a point of contact in the customer engagement process intended to convert prospects into leads.


Don't try to make your landing page work too hard.


Use your landing page to tell people why they are there, and give them a quick way to request information or take action.

2. Good Landing Page Design Requires Testing

Multivariate testing, sometimes called A/B testing, is key to creating effective landing pages. Try new headings and subheadings, change out your special offer, or move the position of your contact form on the page.


Create multiple versions of the landing page and promote them to different audiences to see which version is most effective at generating leads. 

3. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile devices account for more than half of all web traffic.


A key bit of landing page advice is to update your landing pages to be mobile-friendly. Make sure your text is easy to read on a small device, use larger touchpoints and buttons designed for fingers instead of a mouse. 


Mobile traffic is increasing year after year, and Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in their search results. A successful landing page is one that works well on a smartphone. 


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4. Use Forms Effectively

One of the main reasons to use a landing page is to collect information. Whether you are transacting a sale or requesting demographic data, the forms you use are crucial to your landing page's success. 


Limit the number of form fields to the essential information. If all you need to convert a lead is a name and email address, stick with that. Visitors abandon forms that are too long, and getting them back once they've left is difficult.


Watch our video - Which is better: Email address or web form?


5. Engage a Website Design Partner

Landing pages are part of your website, and they should give customers a consistent brand impression.


Work with an experienced web designer who can pair your landing pages with the rest of your website to ensure they complement one another.


There's nothing more jarring to a customer than a landing page that looks like it's part of a completely different company. 

6. Give Them a Place to Land

Landing pages are an essential element of your branding and lead generation strategy.


They provide customers with special offers, opportunities to engage with your organization and communicate specific information about a product or service.


When used effectively, they can enhance brand awareness and increase lead conversions.


To learn more about successful landing page design, contact our experienced team of web designers.


We'll provide website ideas and design the perfect landing pages for your customers. 

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