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October 19, 2021

5 Ways to Protect Your Company From Cyber Security Threats

5 Ways to Protect Your Company From Cyber Security Threats

5 ways to protect from cybersecurity threats

How can you safeguard your company's most valuable asset? Your data!


A recent security survey by Verizon showed that 28% of small businesses have suffered a data breach.


Over a third of small businesses have fallen victim to a phishing scam. And 60% choose to put their head in the sand about cyber security threats. If you want to help protect your company from data compromises then read on.


We offer 5 essential tips to keep your business safe. From encrypting your backups to ongoing monitoring, you'll learn how to keep your systems secure.

1. Assess Data Threats

The first step in securing your business is to assess your current data systems and their vulnerabilities.


Cyber attacks come in all shapes and sizes, like DDOS attacks and malware scams. Only after a complete review of your organization's structure can all the potential issues be spotted. The goal is to create a roadmap or strategy to secure your business for the future.


Ensure you use a security expert. A friend or family member who 'knows IT' is ill-advised. They must understand current security trends and evidence competency in securing data correctly.

2. Encrypt and Backup Data

How does your business back-up data? If you aren't sure or you don't think you even have a back-up procedure then take note.


If the worst happens and you suffer a ransomware attack could it put you offline for good?


Backing-up data safeguards you from threats like ransomware. They're also a lifeline if files get deleted by accident. Or if disgruntled employees destroy them on purpose.


Ensure to encrypt your backups, especially if storing them on the Cloud. Hackers often target a backup server but if your information's encrypted their attempts are useless.


Creating a scheduled encrypted backup should become part of every company's IT strategy.


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3. Implement Two-Factor Authentication

A username/password login becomes useless if the password gets leaked or uncovered.


To help strengthen your security, implement two-factor authentication. This extra step combines an SMS text message or alert on your phone to confirm the login attempt. Even if the password gets compromised, this extra security layer won't let a hacker inside your network.

4. Install Security Patches

Did you know that 80% of businesses who suffered a data breach could have prevented it by installing software security patches?


Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to subvert security operations. Software patches act as on-going updates to fix these new vulnerabilities.


Make sure to install all new security patches when they become available. But don't wait a week to restart your computers!

5. Outsource To a Managed IT Service

Few small or medium-sized businesses have a dedicated IT security department. Instead, they outsource to a managed IT provider to protect them.


Managed providers like EnvisionIT Solutions offer round-the-clock monitoring of cyber security threats. They will carry out a security assessment then implement the right plan. They can also assist with encrypting and storing your backups. And help schedule and install software patches.


Watch our video: What is IT Outsourcing?

Envision Your Business Free From Cyber Security Threats 

Cyber security threats continue to rob businesses financially and by destroying customer trust. All it takes is one data breach and your reputation may be damaged beyond repair.


Don't wait until a data compromise happens. Act now by engaging with EnvisionIT Solutions. Our managed IT service plans provide a three-layered approach to securing your systems.


A managed firewall, DNS filtering, and end-point security ensure you won't suffer a data breach. We constantly monitor for data threats and will act if an attack occurs.


Contact us to discuss your security strategy. And envision a future without the fear of cyber security threats!

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