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August 14, 2019

The Best Law Firm Web Design Examples and What Makes Them Work So Well

The Best Law Firm Web Design Examples and What Makes Them Work So Well

best-law-firm-examplesWhen you are trying to do what is best for your legal firm, you'll need to put some quality law firm web design tips to use. 

The better you get a handle on your company's web design, the easier it'll be to bring in clients. There are some key examples of web design principles you'll find from the top law firms that are great at marketing. 


Use these tips so that you are always doing right by your firm's marketing needs. 

1. The Best Law Firm Websites Always Have Case Studies

People want to see studies, precedent, and facts on your site so that they know you are knowledgeable about what you do. When they see you cite these facts, it exhibits your competency, which makes you trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. 

Because of this, don't hesitate to lead with these studies and facts in order to gain the trust of your viewer. 


Website on the cover image is the Barnhouse, Keegan, Solimon & West website designed by EnvisionIT Solutions


Don't forget, mobile optimization isn't just on the rise — it's here to stay. So make sure that any content you are creating is also mobile optimized.


2. You'll Get Much Farther With a Blog

When you are learning to market your law firm, having a blog is one of the best steps. 

Your blog is great because it gives free content to the web, and shows people that you know your stuff. The more skilled you are at blogging, the more hits you will bring to your site.


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Since these readers are already familiar with the work of your blog, they will generally be happy to seek a consultation from you when the time is right. 


3. Make the Navigation as Seamless as Possible

When people log onto your website, they should be able to quickly see what services you offer, your credentials, some testimonials, and how to get in touch. 


If people can't quickly find this information, then your site won't get the job done — period. 

We're no longer in the age of having clutter for the sake of showing off your design skills. Simple is better, so give the people the information that they need. 


Download: 10-Step Checklist For Your Website Redesign4. Check Around for the Design Principles That Work 

It's also important that you do your research into the web design principles that can help you make the page attractive.


For instance, you will definitely notice that the best law firm websites make use of white space. There may also be some commonalities in font, color, and layout, so be sure to check on this sort of information. 


5. Brand Yourself With Some Personality

Finally, take the time to sell yourself with your website. You can really sell some personality by creating a YouTube channel for your firm. 


By embedding these videos into your site, you'll be able to make it more "you," which will always make your site more successful. 

Use the Best Law Firm Web Design Principles

You won't go wrong with these law firm web design principles. Don't hesitate to hire some web designers that can assist you. 

Check back for more web design tips that will help your law firm flourish. 

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