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October 17, 2022

How to boost your brand with Instagram Marketing

How to boost your brand with Instagram Marketing


 If you have a business, you need to have an active Instagram account. This social media platform provides a great marketing stage that enables you to reach prospective customers from all corners of the world. However, you need to increase your following

if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful. Read more to learn about how to boost your brand with Instagram Marketing:


New call-to-actionUse Free Tools

Instagram is rolling out business profiles that come complete with a call-to-action that allows the users to call or text you. These profiles also have Insights, which are analytics that allow the user access to engagement and impression. If your Instagram account is mainly for business, you should convert your personal profile to a business one.


The more you understand the users’ interaction with your content, the more adjustments you can make to enhance your engagement. 

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Do not Overwhelm Your Audience

Although you need to post frequently to keep your brand relevant, you should not do it too much if you want to avoid overwhelming your audience. Too many posts may be off-putting and your followers will end up un-following you. There is no magic formula for posting that will work for every brand – you just have to try to see what works for you.


In the beginning, you should post twice a day to see how your followers respond to that. Keep increasing the number of posts until you find your sweet spot. Optimizing the frequency of your posts is an unending task because you have to keep adjusting as your followers increase.


Create Interactive Hash Tags

An interactive hash tag gives you instant engagement – you just have to ensure that you are using them correctly. For instance, you can create a hash tag that you can use later to repost pictures of your customers with your products. Doing so will accomplish two things:

  • Your customers will start using the hash tag more because they want to be featured on your page.
  • Every time a follower posts using your hash tag, you will get some free marketing


Interact with Followers to Spark Growth

If someone leaves a comment on your posts, you should respond and thank him or her for taking the time to comment. This simple engagement might create a loyal customer of your brand. You should always find ways to allow your customers to interact with your posts. For instance, you can add simple sentences such as ‘tag three of your friends that will love this’ to encourage interactions.


Cross Promote Your Instagram Posts

If you want to gain new followers that already love your brand, you should post on all your social media profiles, including Facebook and Twitter. These people are already following you on social media, which means that they are probably interested in your brand. You should not assume that every person would see your Instagram post. You need your followers to be connected to all of your social media platforms.


Use Creativity to Reach Your Audience

When you are creative with your images, you will be able to connect with most of your followers. Posts that look like ads are not as eye-catching as creative images.


Re purpose Content from other Relevant Accounts

If you cannot come up with enough content, you should think about reusing content from other Instagram accounts. Just make sure that you credit the original source of this information by mentioning them in your caption and tagging them. You can use a number of apps to download photos that you like and then repost them later. 

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