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August 14, 2019

Speed It Up: A Guide to 5g and What It Can Do

Speed It Up: A Guide to 5g and What It Can Do

a-guide-to-5GThe term's been thrown around for several months now: 5G. While most smartphone users only care whether they have a connection and how fast it is, the benefits of 5G can change entire industries. In fact, 5G technology can change the way people live in cities, and how people view them.

Yet, it's never easy to build an entirely new broadband network, especially not one as ambitious as a 5G network. These networks operate on entirely different wavelengths, literally. And to actually take advantage of it, people will need new devices capable of catching a communicating over 5G signals.


Once the work is done though, people will live in an entirely new world. Devices will be faster smarter, and new technologies may emerge that can revolutionize the way people interact with the world. Even if there's a long way to go, the benefits of 5G technology seem to be endless.


Keep reading below to learn more about how 5G may change your whole life!


Quicker Data Speeds Means More Gets Done

The first and most obvious benefit of 5G technology is that people will have faster devices. One of the wavelengths that 5G operates at, called mmWave, enables 10 Gbps speeds on smartphones and other devices. Those kinds of speeds allow you to download whole movies in less than a second.


It also allows inventors to send more data between devices, which will enable a larger internet of things to develop. One of the reasons smart home and drone technology is hard to manage right now is because there's too much data to send between devices.

Yet, with 5G technology, that data will reach where it needs to go in seconds. That means cities will become enmeshed in a web of devices, all talking to each other instantly.


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With 5G Comes a New Age of Autonomous Tech

5G technology is set to hit the market and become widely adopted at around the same time as autonomous technology. By the time you buy your first self-driving car, it will be able to connect with other cars and people who may be countries way. That means your self-driving car will be able to benefit from being in constant communication with other supervisory devices, making it safer.


New Call-to-actionSelf-driving cars aren't the only autonomous technologies on the rise, too. As Amazon and other companies continue experimenting with drone delivery, they'll have the fundamentals ready for 5G. By the time 5G is released, they'll be in a position to immediately take advantage of it.


Any technology that uses AI technology depends on having access to troves of data to make decisions with. The 5G technology being developed today will ensure AI always has access to the latest information so that it can just work better.


5G is Coming, and it's Time to Get Ready

The benefits of 5G won't ever be seen if companies aren't ready to take advantage of it. You won't be able to enjoy the seemingly limitless speeds that 5G will bring if you're not prepared for them. And to prepare for 5Gs inevitable release, you need to reach to people who understand technology.


That's why we're here. After years of toiling with the latest and greatest technology, we know how it works and how companies can use it. Contact us for any questions you have about how 5G may impact your company, and to learn how you can prepare for it.

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