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October 17, 2022

The New Age of File Sharing

The New Age of File Sharing

The New Age of File SharingAlmost all business users distribute sensitive company information utilizing unsecured media. Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive offer secure alternatives to these practices. A new entry to business file-sharing, Datto Drive, promises to deliver more

 advanced features than current offerings. The cloud-based file sharing services are cost-effective and secure document management tools. By deploying cloud-based file sharing you can improve your organization’s security and profitability. Read this blog post to learn about the new age of file sharing.

The Path of Least Resistance

A Computer Weekly article written by Stephen Hess (link?) reports that almost 85 percent of business computing users transfer sensitive proprietary information using corporate email. Among those users, over 50 percent transmit sensitive information every day. For sharing large files, such as lengthy video presentations or data heavy CAD documents, your employees may use personal USB sticks or cell phones to store and distribute sensitive data. However, a relatively new file-share technology does offer a more secure solution; cloud storage is a service that allows users to access unlimited files through a password secured online interface. As of 2016, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are the leading online document storage providers. These two companies stand out, because their products integrate exceptionally well with popular productivity software.

Microsoft OneDrive Versus Google Drive

Business technology users who are looking for new ways to share large files must often decide between OneDrive and Google Drive. OneDrive is enticing, because it functions seamlessly with well-established Windows-based applications. Finally, OneDrive incorporates conventional features, such as collaborative document editing and Microsoft’s native Recycle Bin. Google’s cloud sharing entry, Google Drive, is also a popular business information technology resource. Employees and businesses that use Android devices - another Google product - as well as Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar favor this service. OneDrive and Google Drive are accessible across most devices, making it simple and secure to share documents with peers and third-party vendors and offers free, limited storage – giving you the opportunity to discover which product works best for your needs.

A New Innovative Business Solution

In 2016, data security firm Datto, introduced their flagship cloud file sharing service Datto Drive. The firm engineered the file sync and share (FSS) service to support business Server Message Block (SMB) protocol standards, a Microsoft protocol that supports advanced business file-sharing features. Datto CEO, Austin McChord, suggests that the platform is a powerful, cost-effective document management platform for businesses of all sizes. He also states that the current offerings do not provide the requisite support for firms that use these protocols. The service costs $10 per month for one terabyte of storage and unlimited user permissions, and the firm is offering the first year FREE. You can sign up for Datto Drive here: http://info.envisionitsolutions.com/datto-drive-signup. The low cost-to-benefit ratio may ultimately create more value for business users whose storage and feature requirements expand beyond the initial pay tiers offered by OneDrive and Google Drive.

What Cloud-based File Sharing Can Do for Your Organization

Cloud-based file sharing can eliminate the need to establish an in-house business IT department. With the improved workflow, you can develop an entirely new business model. This improved efficiency frees up resources, allowing you to focus on generating revenue rather than managing an IT department. Furthermore, cloud-based providers almost never have technical issues, and you can add features as needed in minutes. The technology is undeniably a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your organization. Choosing small business computing services is often difficult, but we can act as your virtual CIO and help you decide which one offers your firm the most value.

By introducing cloud-based file sharing, you can improve your organization’s productivity. Most employees without access to this technology take dangerous security risks when distributing documents. You can eliminate this practice by providing secure, cloud-based document services for your staff members. Most business information technology users learn to use these services quickly, because they are already somewhat familiar with the products. With cloud-based file sharing, your firm can harness this powerful tool in the most cost-effective way possible.

Learn more about Google Drive here: https://www.google.com/drive/

Learn more about Microsoft OneDrive here: https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/

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