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April 18, 2019

Web Security Standards: How to Keep Your Website Secure in 2019

Web Security Standards: How to Keep Your Website Secure in 2019

website-securityYou hear reports of security breaches and threats against businesses and websites almost every day. While this is true, it takes approximately 191 days to actually identify a data breach.

Think about how much information a nefarious individual can gather in this amount of time.

If you want to protect your website from this type of invasion, you can’t sit idly by. You have to be proactive and take steps to improve web security.


The good news is, you aren’t alone. Use the tips here to learn how to keep your website secure in 2019.


Make Updates Regularly

This is extremely important. Countless websites are compromised each day due to old and outdated versions of software.


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It’s crucial for you to update your site as soon as there is a new CMS version or plugin available. These updates may contain the security enhancements needed or the patch for a specific vulnerability.


Keep in mind, the majority of website attacks are automated. This means bots are always scanning any and all sites they can for an exploitation opportunity.


You can’t rely on once a month updates anymore, not even once a week is good enough. You have to update any time there is a change or improvement to the software you use.


Use HTTPS in Your Domain Name

Click here to sign up for a Free website assessment.Consumers already know to look for the green “https” in their browser bar if they are providing their personal information to a website. If you don’t have an “https” website, it’s time to make a change.


Not only is this necessary for consumer trust, but Google’s July 2018 update is actually pointing out to users the websites that don’t have an SSL certificate.


The SSL certificate is what provides you with the “https,” and means that any personal information obtained by your site is protected. While this is going to cost you money, it’s definitely an investment worth making.




If you want to keep your website secure, you have to have strong passwords. Unfortunately, there are still many people with admin privileges to a website that have extremely weak passwords – or none at all.


There are all types of lists of breached passwords online. A hacker will combine these with dictionary words to create even more extensive lists. If you have a simple, easy to guess password for your site, then it’s only a matter of time before you are going to experience a breach.


If you want to ensure your passwords are strong, use the following tips:

  • Don’t reuse the same password
  • The longer the better
  • Use random passwords


There are even password generators you can use to help you create one that is much more secure. If you are worried you may forget your passwords, then use a password manager. This will help you keep everything accessible and secure.


Web Security: Don’t Take Any Chances

When it comes to your web security, you can’t afford to ignore it. Use the tips and information here to help ensure your website is secure and that you are protected from nefarious hackers.


If you need help with your web security, then find out about the IT support solutions we offer. We can ensure your website is secure and provide insight into other steps you can take to increase security.

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