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February 29, 2024

What Are Cloud Managed Services?

What Are Cloud Managed Services?

What are Could Managed ServicesThe market size of cloud-managed services is expected to increase from $86.1 billion in 2021 to a massive $139.4 billion by 2026.


But what does "cloud managed services" even mean, and why does it seem to be growing so fast?


Most importantly, is it something that you can utilize for your company? Read on to find out.


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What Are Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud tech might not be new, but it has definitely seen an increase in usage and popularity over recent years. Put simply, "the cloud" is a global network that software and services can run through that is accessed on the internet remotely. This is in contrast to running them locally on a computer. It allows access no matter what device you are using and has many other benefits.


So, services that manage the cloud are exactly that—partial or complete management of an organization's cloud system. They can be used for an initial set-up and adoption of the cloud, or as continual support (or both). Either way, the goal is to provide the highest efficiency of cloud management.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Managed Services?

New Call-to-actionThe benefits of cloud technology and using management services come down to three main areas: money, future-proofing, and security.


Any organization that has used physical servers will know the costs attached to them—the deployment, the maintenance, the replacements—but these costs simply do not exist for cloud-based platforms.


Even better, scaling up (or down) doesn't come with excessive costs for new equipment; all that's required is to pay for the extra resources that you're using!


As for future-proofing, cloud services will update and improve themselves as and when it's required. It's all part of the design of the cloud!


And when it comes to security, cloud tech is way ahead of the game. With the ability to monitor your organization 24/7, any suspicious activity can be dealt with and prevented in real-time. That also includes disaster recovery support; when everything is backed-up to the cloud, whether it be physical damage like a flood or a virus, you can be sure your data is safe.

Tips for Choosing Your Cloud Managers

With the business of cloud management growing all the time, so are the companies that offer it. Choosing the right cloud managers can seem difficult, but here are some tips to help inform your choice.


What are the details of the service level agreement—how long is the potential downtime? What about response time - for queries and also for threats? Are there any limitations to the scalability?


Getting the answers to these questions can help ensure you get the right match for your organization. It's also helpful to ask what the expected future developments might be so you can prepare for the future.

Optimize Your Platform Today

To save money, improve security, and optimize your efficiency, choose cloud managed services today! Contact Envision IT Solutions now for more information.

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