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October 17, 2022

Why you should not be afraid of the cloud

Why you should not be afraid of the cloud


The use of the cloud, which is basically the use of an off-site server that allows you to store and share data and software, is being adopted by more and more businesses as the years go on. However, there are still a few companies out there who have resisted

 the use of the cloud due to concerns over safety and security. The following are a few of the main reasons why you should not be afraid of the cloud:


Cloud-based solutions are constantly updated

One of the older concerns that businesses had in regards to adopting a cloud-based solution was that it couldn't possibly perform better than an internal server. The belief was that your computers would run faster if they were connected to a network that existed on the premises. After all, your system would be the only system connected to the network, and data wouldn't exactly have to travel far.

However, cloud-based solutions are typically faster than in-house solutions due to one main reason - cloud providers keep up with advances in technology in order to remain relevant. Unless you keep upgrading your server, a cloud-based solution is always going to make use of better tech, allowing it to be quicker, smoother and more efficient.


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The cloud keeps your data secure

The idea of sending your valuable data, which could include sensitive information regarding clients, employees, marketing strategies and product development, off-site may sit uneasily with some. However, cloud providers invest heavily into the security of the data that they store. If the cloud wasn't secure, then nobody would use it, after all.


New Call-to-actionhe first line of defense in the cloud is the use of encryption, which involves the use of complex algorithms to scramble your data. If hackers somehow managed to break into the cloud and steal your data, they would need an encryption key in order to decipher it, which means the data would be useless to them.

Additionally, data kept on an internal server is often easier to steal. Not only could a disgruntled employee access your data and take it, but employees could accidentally expose valuable data to the world. For example, if an employee needs to continue working from home, they might transport files onto a flash drive and download it onto their home computer to use, which makes it more vulnerable to theft. When using the cloud, employees will be able to access the data using a password from any device - and the same security measures will remain in place.


The cloud will prevent your data from being lost

With an internal server, you risk losing all of your data in a variety of ways. A fire or flood could destroy your server, thereby resulting in the loss of all of your information. Additionally, a simple power outage could knock your server out and potentially result in the loss of data.


Many cloud service providers offer backup solutions. These solutions vary and can involve daily backup of your data to ensure that it's never lost as well as manual backup, which means that you can backup data the moment you've made significant changes to company projects. Not to mention that off-site servers are better maintained and less vulnerable to outside forces as a result of constant attention and maintenance.

Cloud-based solutions have advanced significantly over the past few years to the point where they are safer, more secure and offer better performance than internal servers. For more information about how you can take advantage of a cloud-based solution for your business, be sure to contact us at EnvisionIT Solutions today.

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