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May 22, 2020

WordPress Website Designer: 7 Amazing Website Designs for 2020

WordPress Website Designer: 7 Amazing Website Designs for 2020

wordpress-website-designerA website that looks outdated or doesn't spark interest means you could be losing out on valuable traffic. Keeping your website fresh and updated keeps users coming back for more.


If your website needs an upgrade, keep reading to learn more about the WordPress website designer and seven awesome websites to use as inspiration for your own!

The WordPress Website Designer

Once upon a time, you needed multiple platforms and a degree to launch a website. The WordPress website designer makes it easy for those without an extensive background in coding to create and launch a website.


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WordPress offers a selection of free templates you can build on as well as paid templates through various design companies.


However, most of these templates are fairly basic. If you're looking for some inspiration to kick it up a notch and take your website design to the next level, check out these seven WordPress based websites.

1. Rafal Bojar

Rafal Bojar is a world-famous photographer who's website lives up to his art. It features a grid that showcases his work, an "Essence" page instead of the traditional "About Me" and a homepage that offers previews of highlighted stories.


The designer for the website said his goal was to "provide visitors with the unique experience and showcase Rafal's amazing work." The dark, moody theme perfectly matches Rafal's work and is indeed a unique experience. View website

2. Sea Harvest

Seafood market Sea Harvest used a quirky approach to their website, mimicking the old-time newspapers fish and chips were traditionally wrapped in. Further, users can actually draw on the interactive site, including filling out a word search. View website

3. Maxim Shkret

This freelance digital artist from Russia has a website that is both streamlined and whimsical. It incorporates an eCommerce store with his portfolio and includes his fundraising initiative.

View website.  

4. Over Clothing

This clothing brand has a minimalist design and feel that makes the website feel more like a portfolio site or agency. The homepage offers a lot of navigation without feeling cluttered or obtrusive. View website

5. The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Museum is known for its clean and modern design. It's website matches, offering sleek navigation, a neutral color scheme, and gorgeous photos.

6. Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer is an entertainment company focusing on music management. Their site is a one-page site that opens up and expands as you hover over the content and click around.

What appears to be a modest website at first glance becomes an interactive experience, where you can find your new favorite band and learn about what's coming up in music. View website. 

7. Drip Pop

Drip pop is a food company that offers delicious ice cream pops. Their website is just as whimsical and fun as their products and will leave your mouth watering with their beautiful product showcase. View website

Wordpress Hosting Plus

Designing Your Website

If all these amazing websites don't have you ready to update your own with the WordPress website designer, we don't know what will! 


If you're nervous about jumping into it on your own, however, we can help. Contact Envision IT Solutions for help taking your website game up to the next level!

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