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October 3, 2019

Your MSP IT Checklist: What to Look for in Your Contract

Your MSP IT Checklist: What to Look for in Your Contract

it-checklistOver the last five years, data breaches have increased by 67%. 43% of these attacks targeted small businesses. Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?


As technologies evolve and hackers learn new tricks, it’s only a matter of time before someone targets your IT infrastructure. If you don’t have a managed service provider (MSP) yet, it’s time to start looking for one. 


Keep reading if you’re wondering how to select the right partner to meet your MSP IT needs.

What to Look for in an MSP IT Contract

Thinking of using an IT managed service provider to protect your sensitive data? Here's what to look for before signing an MSP IT contract.


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List of Specific Services

What’s great about working with an MSP is that you will receive a comprehensive technology platform. However, you need to make sure your package includes all the services you need before signing a contract.


It’s important to find an MSP solution that meets your needs now but will also scale with your business. 


You may only need an MSP for specific tasks that require skills that your IT department doesn’t have. When reading through your contract, make sure the services offered are enough to meet the requirements of your business. 



If you’re a smaller organization, you may not require all the services in a specific MSP IT package.


All businesses are different, so you should seek out an MSP that will align with your requirements. The best providers will work with you to understand your business and exceed your expectations.



The law requires some businesses to follow privacy standards that are more strict than others. If you are in the finance or healthcare industry, you need to remain compliant at all times. 


Don’t carry the full responsibility – let an MSP help you stay on top of the IT regulations of your industry. Make sure their contract states that they will be responsible for maintaining compliance standards.


24/7 Emergency Support

Your clients are relying on you. If something goes wrong and your system becomes compromised, you will lose customer loyalty.


Contracting MSP IT services will free you of worrying about your IT environment. Choose a provider that can assure you that your system will be up and running as soon as possible following an emergency.


Don’t trust the language in their contract without asking a few questions first. Do they work on holidays? How long does it take them to respond to an emergency? A reputable MSP should be able to give you an idea of their average response time.


Cancellation Fees

Pay attention to the fine print. If a provider believes in the quality of their services, they should be lenient with their cancellation policy.


If you’re not completely confident, try negotiating for a shorter contract or eliminate language regarding cancellation fees.


Look for a Partner

When searching for MSP IT services, you should feel confident that your provider sees your business as their business. They should understand your business needs and provide a plan of action for handling any future IT emergencies.


As with any service, you should do some research before partnering with a managed service provider. Don’t sign a contract without looking into their reputation first. A trustworthy MSP will be able to provide you with stellar testimonials and references. 

When you work with a better-than-average MSP, you can spend less time worrying about your IT infrastructure and more time building your business.


Let us help you gain more from your IT investments! Contact us for an overview of our strategic solutions for all your technology needs.

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