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February 25, 2021

3 Benefits of Using Multi-Factor Authentication

3 Benefits of Using Multi-Factor Authentication

2-factor-authentationData breaches are becoming more and more common. Since 2005, over 816 million individual records have been leaked.


That's why it's so important to maintain good cyber security at work. 


Multi-Factor Authentication or Two-factor authentication (2FA), is a cyber security technique that protects account logins. After entering their password, users verify their identity through an email address, a phone number, or an app. 


Keep reading to learn the top three benefits associated with two-factor authentication, and why you should make it a part of your cyber security strategy!


1. Improves Security and Ensures Legal Compliance

Obviously, the biggest reason to enable 2FA is to make accounts more secure. Passwords can be hacked using brute-force programs or other methods. But with  2FA, having the password isn't enough.


Learn more about Multi-factor Authentication


It's much less likely for both your password and another device or email account to be compromised at the same time. That's why 2FA is increasingly being made essential for legal data security compliance. 


For example, if you do work in the European Union, you'll have to enable 2FA in order to stay in compliance with the recently passed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If your firm is found in violation of those guidelines, you could face fines up to 20 million Euros or four percent of your annual revenue, whichever is larger.


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Obviously, this is an egregious case and only applies in Europe but you should still check with your local and national regulations for legal guidelines you have to comply with. 


try us out2. Greater Log-In Convenience

While it may seem like 2FA just adds another step to your login process, it can actually speed things up. You can set up a single sign-on login

This means once you log in to a single app using  2FA, you'll be automatically logged in to the rest of your apps. Your information stays secure, but you don't have to waste time logging in several times each day. 


3. Reduced IT Case Load

Another often overlooked benefit of enabling  2FA is that it reduces how much work your IT department has to do. Once 2FA is up and running, your tech department won't have to deal with people being locked out of their accounts anymore. 


Resetting a lost password or verifying identities can be done by the user themselves. This lets your IT department focus on more important things that may come up during the course of the workday. 

Two-Factor Authentication is a Cornerstone of Modern Cyber Security

Once you've enabled 2FA for your internal accounts, you can rest assured that your staff and clients are better protected against data theft. Of course, breaches can still happen, which is why you should make 2FA a part of a larger and comprehensive cyber security plan. 

Do you want to know more about what you can do to improve the cyber security of your business? Check out the other articles about web security for even more information.

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