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October 10, 2019

5 Simple Cybersecurity Tips You Can Start Doing Today

5 Simple Cybersecurity Tips You Can Start Doing Today

cybersecurity-tipsIs your company's data safe? With so much of our information online today, ensuring that your company's data is protected should be your number one priority. 


Any business is vulnerable to a cyberattack. We've all seen the headlines where the behemoths in the business world are the victim of hackers.But, small businesses are at risk too. 


Here are 5 simple cybersecurity tips you can implement today to make sure your information is protected

1. Test Your Defenses

Before you add new security measures, you should first get an idea of how good your current defenses are. Things like a vulnerability assessment, scenario-based testing, and other testing programs will test your existing security methods. 

This will show whether your security initiatives will help protect against a real threat, whether internal or external. 

2. Practice Good Password Management

Perhaps the simplest way you can prevent against cyberattacks is to practice good password management. Remember the basics--don't use a password with your first or last name in it, birthdate or your pet's names. These are the simplest to guess and your data is at stake if you aren't using an iron-clad password. 


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Use a password with a mix of characters, numerals and upper and lower case letters and don't use the same password on multiple sites. 


Don't underestimate the importance of physical password protection. By that we mean don't write it down where someone can see it, and don't say it out loud. 

3. Back Your Data Up 

What if you end up losing all of your data in a breach?  Are you equipped to get it back or is it gone forever?  Make sure you have redundancies in the event of a data breach so you don't lose your information. 

4. Don't Share Sensitive Information

Social media has made it easy to keep up with loved ones and keep tabs on what they're up to.  It's also made it easier to access personal information that can be used to access your systems and other apps. 


Avoid sharing sensitive information online, like your place of birth, your alma mater and most certainly avoid sharing your address. 

5. Make Cybersecurity Everyone's Job

New Call-to-actionYour best efforts to protect your data will be ineffective if you don't train your organization on cybersecurity measures.  If one person falls prey to a phishing attack and unwittingly shares your customer's information or clicks on a link in a suspicious email, you've just opened the door for a cyberattack. 


To make your cybersecurity efforts as effective as possible, everyone in your organization must be trained on cybersecurity and know the basics like being careful when clicking on links in emails and being careful when entering financial information online. 


Also, ensure your employees know the signs of a phishing or spear-phishing attack because these events can be extremely convincing. 

Use These Cybersecurity Tips to Avoid Becoming a Target 

Cyberattacks can result in a crisis management nightmare for any company that's been targeted. By implementing these cybersecurity tips within your organization, you'll be able to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a hacker and keep your data safe.


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