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August 14, 2019

4 Common Small Business Cybersecurity Mistakes

4 Common Small Business Cybersecurity Mistakes

cybersecurity-mistakesIf the greatest security feature in your small business is the padlock on the front door, you might want to check out this article.


Cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities. That's because 58% of malware attacks are aimed at small businesses. These hackers want your information.

And they're willing to do almost anything to get it. So if you're not standing in their way, they'll let themselves right in through the front door of your network.


Keep reading to learn about the 4 most common cybersecurity mistakes made by small businesses. 


1. Neglecting Employee Training

In any business, your employees are your greatest asset. They can make or break your sales levels, customer service ratings, and growth potential. They are also your first line of defense in cybersecurity.


An annual security training isn't enough. Make sure that your cybersecurity policy calls for more frequent check-ins with your employees. 


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And make this a priority for new hires. They are the most dangerous link in the chain because they don't know the company policies. Give them lots of training early on to avoid costly mistakes. 


2. Sloppy Permissions

Segmenting your data pools is a critical and relatively easy step in making your network safer. As you segment, pay attention to permissions granted within each segment. 

As companies grow, they tend to get sloppy with how many people have permission to be in certain areas. You may even find that former employees still have access to parts of your network. 


Clean up these permissions thoroughly at least every quarter, if not more. Ensure that you only grant permissions when necessary. You want to keep your most sensitive information at the highest security segment with very few permissions to access it.


3. Living In the Past

Cyber threats change on a daily basis. So it's important that you don't get stuck in the past with outdated systems and procedures. 


Many companies suffer costly data breaches because they neglected to update their software. Your cybersecurity software company should provide you with their policy for security updates. That way you know how often to expect patches and fixes. 


Don't dilly dally. Your software often updates automatically. Make sure you and your employees agree to the updates as soon as prompted. 


4. You Don't Have Your Own Back

Ransomware is a common cyber attack weapon. It takes control of your computer or network. Then it locks the system until you pay a ransom. 


New Call-to-actionYou can avoid ransomware attacks by creating strong cybersecurity policies. And also by keeping those policies up-to-date. But if an attack happens, you should always have a solid backup system in place. 


Back up all data on a regular schedule, automatically if possible. There are a ton of backup systems on the market. Choose one that works for you.


And always store your backed-up data in a different location or on a cloud. This way, if you suffer an attack, you'll have everything you need to keep working until the attack is sorted out.


Take These Cybersecurity Mistakes Seriously

A serious data breach can kill your business. But with the right procedures in place, you can avoid making these cybersecurity mistakes. 


Remember that employee training is critical to cybersecurity success. Back up all of your data and store it in a separate location to protect against ransomware. And make sure to clean up permissions and update software regularly. 


Passwords are an important part of cybersecurity. Check out this article to learn how to create a password policy that's unbreakable. 

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