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February 22, 2024

3 Things To Expect From a Web Design Agency

3 Things To Expect From a Web Design Agency

3 Things to Expect from a Web Design AgencyDid you know that more than 1.5 billion websites exist today?


With data like that, very few small businesses are questioning the need for a website. They just don't know how to make one.


E-Commerce is taking over the game now, and not having a website will prove detrimental to your business. You cannot skip over having a website if you want to appeal to today's consumers.


However, making a website is easier said than done. If you need help with web development, here are three tips for choosing a quality web design agency.


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1. Look at Their Portfolio

Businesses don't hire employees without looking at their references. You shouldn't hire a web design agency without seeing their handiwork.


The site should have an up-to-date design that looks professional and attractive. It should also be mobile-friendly for today's consumers consistently using a device.


When reviewing the portfolios of different web design agencies, don't just look at the site's appearance. Look at factors such as ease of use and how long a site takes to load. 40% of consumers give up on a site if it takes more than three seconds to load, and you need to ensure that your site won't suffer that fate.


And as a bonus note, look at the agency's website. That alone will prove to be very telling.

2. Verify Their Credibility

Find a website design agency that has proven itself reliable.


If you want to be confident in the results you will get, you should seek service from an agency that has shown its clients that they can deliver.


Look into reviews and client testimonials. Has the agency established itself, or is it a start-up?


A quality site is crucial to your business's success, and you don't want to settle for less than the best web design agencies.

website redesign

3. Contact the Web Design Agency

Once you've looked at a few agencies, checked their portfolios, and read their reviews, you can narrow it down and start contacting them.


This is your chance to figure out what different agencies have to offer and which one can be of most use to you.


Good web agencies will want to discuss your goals, ask questions, and help you build your website from the ground up. A good agency will consider your business' vision and objectives, and they work with you to create a site that gets results.

Get Custom Web Design From EnvisionIT Solutions

Hiring a quality web design agency must garner internet traffic and business. For all your design needs, look no further than EnvisionIT Solutions.


Our web design team is experienced and committed to designing a mobile-friendly site, easy to use and sure to drive traffic to your business.


While we are based in and happy to offer service to Albuquerque, we offer service all over the nation.


Contact us today if you're ready to boost your site's web presence with a high-quality website.

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I am a Web Services Consultant @ EnvisionIT Solutions. I develop and maintain numerous websites for clients across the nation. I also help shape businesses image through branding and help them grow through content marketing.
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