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August 14, 2019

7 Essential Tips for a Killer Website Landing Page

7 Essential Tips for a Killer Website Landing Page

killer-website-landing-pageResearch has shown that the average website visitor will leave almost immediately if they find that the website is unattractive. Considering that your website is likely the primary source a potential customer will turn to for more information about your business, it's making a strong first impression is invaluable.

The good news is that by implementing the right landing page tips you can create a page that's not only stunning but can also convert leads to customers at a record rate.

Whether you're building a new landing page from scratch or are simply ready to redo your existing one, read on for these essential tips on creating a landing page that makes an a great first impression.

What to Know Before Incorporating these Landing Page Tips

While applying the right tips are an essential part of creating a stunning landing page, there's some work you want to do beforehand to better ensure the likelihood of success.

For example, you'll find it will be easier to create a solid landing page if you've taken the time to do the necessary target market research. This means knowing the average location, age group, education level, and even income of the group that's most likely to purchase your product or service.


You want to be able to get as much into the minds of these individuals as possible. You should know what kind of problems they are facing on a daily basis, and most importantly how your product can help them solve it.


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From here, you'll be able to create strong content that will fall within your target demographics unique taste.

Choosing the Right Visual

More often than not one of the first things greets you find when entering a landing page is an image or even a video. There are a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing what will feel the header section of your landing page.


Aim for photos or videos that are incredibly high-resolution and offer some form of depth. You also want to choose an image that is still relevant to the brand and what you're selling.

Choose a unique message that you want to send your audience and be sure that the photo or video does just that. This means not including photos simply because it shows a gorgeous sunset or an adorable family.

A Strong Call to Action

Download - 25 Website Must HavesWhile landing pages can be used to inform the public about your brand's products or services, it's also important to create a landing page that sells.


Having a strong call to action is an essential way to do just that. Take some time getting into your audience's head to think about what they might be looking for next.


Is it a pricing sheet? A way to contact you? Maybe they're simply looking for more information. Whatever it is be sure to build your call-to-action around that and have it located in a clear and easy to access place.

Getting the Right Help for Creating Your Landing Page

While applying these landing page tips are a great place to start, there's still plenty to learn about creating an ideal page that converts. If you're looking for more information when building your landing page check out our web design section today for everything you need to get started.

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