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February 11, 2020

9 Signs You Need to Update Your Home Page Design

9 Signs You Need to Update Your Home Page Design

update-your-homepage-designThere are over 200 million US web users today. With this much browsing, is your home page attracting visitors or turning people away?


A poorly designed website will hurt your business and turn people away. If you're not sure why your company's website isn't bringing in business, it might be time for a redesign. Here's a list of major signs that you need a new homepage design. 

Nine Signs You Need a New Homepage Design

If you're wondering why your business website isn't pulling in potential customers, it's likely because it needs website design help. Read on for helpful homepage tips and the top nine signs that you need a redesign. 


1. It's Ugly

It sounds simple, but if your homepage or website in general is ugly or unpleasing to look at, you are already losing people. Unfortunately, visitors will judge your whole business by what your website looks like and how it makes them feel. 


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2. Your Leads Are Low-Quality

Even if you are getting leads, they might not be the ones you want. When this happens, you'll know that it's time to restructure your landing page to attract the clients you want. 


3. Your Copy Is Nonexistent 

If you previously designed your landing page without hiring a proper copywriter, then it's probably time for a refresh. Successful copywriting will attract potential clients and generate more leads. 


4. It Failed the Blink Test

What's the "blink test," exactly? On average, a customer will spend 3-5 seconds looking at a web page before they decide to either leave or stay.


This means your landing page has only 3-5 seconds to explain your services and convince the visitor to submit a form. If people aren't sticking around long enough to do this, then your landing page doesn't have what it needs to convert. 


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5. There's Too Much Text

If your landing page is stuffed with blocks of text, no one is going to stick around long enough to read it. Instead, your landing page web design should be organized and visually eye-catching. 


6. It Doesn't Offer Anything

Often what grabs your visitor is an offer for something relevant to your actual services. This could be a free guide or something that will pull your reader on a journey that ultimately ends with buying your product or service. 


7. It Creates a Poor User Experience

Visitors shouldn't have to struggle with navigating around your website. If your landing page is slow to load, tough to navigate, or confusing to understand, then no one will want to use your company's services. 

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8. Links Compete

Competing links will distract your visitor and pull them away from your real goal: getting them to submit a form. If your landing page is stuffed with links to other places, it's time for a redesign. 


9. There's No Obvious CTA Button

You might get a visitor who likes what they see but doesn't know what to do about it. If you don't have an obvious call-to-action (CTA) or a clear button to click, then you're likely losing a lot of potential leads. 

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Grow Your Business

If you think your homepage design is the reason for business being slow, then it's time for a redesign to refresh your content and win over visitors. Your website design will help you share your brand and convince new visitors to get to know your company. 

Need guidance on getting your landing page optimized and user-friendly? Take the first step toward growing your business and contact our web design team today. 

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