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December 20, 2021

Do I Need a Wordpress Security Plugin?

Do I Need a Wordpress Security Plugin?

Do I need a WP Security Plugin

Over 75 million websites run using WordPress. 


And, plugins are the most vulnerable asset in their arsenal. Anyone can create and upload one to their marketplace. At the end of the day, this is both a blessing and a curse!


The open-source framework allows for innovation like never before. But, it also opens the floodgates for WordPress security issues. So, do you need a WordPress security plugin? That's an easy answer. Yes!


Keep reading to learn why security plugins are an important part of WordPress security.

Benefits of WordPress Security Plugins

Protecting your website doesn't actually require a plugin. But, they are helpful and give you extra layers of protection for your security system. And, here's how. 


Update Reminders

Good WordPress security plugins send update reminders via email. They let you know when it's time to update your plugins, themes, and WordPress software. If you don't see your dashboard every day, updates are easy to miss. But, having up-to-date software means your website is less vulnerable to malicious attacks


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Malware Protection

There are over 350,000 new malicious programs detected every day.


Security plugins know what types of activity indicate an attack and/or malware. They scan your database and website like antivirus software on your computer. If they find something, most plugins will alert you and remove it for you. 

Add a Firewall

Firewalls protect your website from intrusive incoming and outgoing traffic. This happens by:

    • Filtering all inbound and outbound data
    • Creating a middle-man that stops unwanted connections (a proxy)
    • Developing a warning system that flags sketchy data

A firewall is one layer of any strong WordPress security system. Plugins give you the power to create a firewall without needing access to your server. 

Secure Login Page

Your login page is vulnerable to attacks because it's the gateway to your website. Many hackers and programs alike know how to force their way through this page in particular. 

But, with a WordPress security plugin, you can:

    • Require authentication for every login

    • Block malicious IP addresses (and set up an alert system)

    • Limit the number of faulty login attempts



Watch our video: Wordpress Security


Protect Your Database

Your database is where all your website files live. Each file serves a purpose and gets called on for specific functions of your website. It's also vulnerable to attacks due to its sensitive nature. 


Most databases use a similar naming structure which makes them easy to locate. But, security plugins let you hide your database by changing the location prefix. And, they let you back up your database in one click. 


If none of that makes sense, don't worry. Plugins do the heavy lifting for you. 

Professional WordPress Web Design 

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Plus, they can help with the complex world of WordPress security. Let EnvisionIT take the burden off your shoulders. Get in touch to get started designing the website of your dreams, today! 

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