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November 29, 2021

Is My Business at Risk of a Data Breach? Here's How to Tell

Is My Business at Risk of a Data Breach? Here's How to Tell

Is my business at risk of a data breach

Data breaches are everywhere, and they've been steadily on the rise since 2005.


Countless healthcare organizations, major retailers, and financial institutions have had their data exposed, sold, or held for ransom, leaving millions of customers at risk.


It isn't only the large companies that are under attack, either. Small businesses are also vulnerable to ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. This is especially true if they haven't taken steps to enhance their business security.


Is your business protected against a data breach, or is your confidential information at risk of theft? Read on to find out.

You Have Outdated Software

Do you avoid updating your software and operating system because there's never a convenient time?


We understand—leaving your computer to run updates for a few hours sounds like a massive waste of time when there's work to be done.


Even so, without those updates, you don't have access to the security patches and bug fixes that make your software safe to run. That's why it's crucial to upgrade to currently supported operating systems, replace legacy software, and run updates overnight the same day they're released.

You Use Single-Password Logins

Traditional username-password logins were great when the internet was new and hackers were few and far between. Today, they're a data breach waiting to happen. You may even have had your personal data exposed in the past when hackers targeted large businesses that used this model.


Instead of putting your business at risk, make the switch to two-factor authentication. You can still use single sign-on technology to make logging in more convenient on certain devices. The extra layer of security will go a long way toward keeping hackers out of your private accounts.


Watch our video: What is Multi-Factor Authentication?


You Don't Have Remote Monitoring From a Managed Service Provider

We all know that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to human health. But did you know that the sentiment is true for computers, too?


That's why constant remote network monitoring is your best defense against data security threats.


Remote monitoring from an MSP ensures that there's always someone watching over your system. They'll be able to identify security vulnerabilities and other issues as they develop.

They can then send a tech out to fix the problem before it results in a data breach instead of leaving you to clean up the aftermath.


Along with remote monitoring, your MSP can set up other protective features as well. These may include managed firewalls, off-site backups, and end-point security measures.

You Don't Train Your Team on Data Security

All it takes is an innocent click on an email link to open your business up to a phishing attack. If your team doesn't know how to identify malicious websites, software, or emails, they may accidentally hand data over to hackers.


As such, make sure you're training every new team member on cybersecurity best practices, no matter their position in the company.


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Is Your Business Protected From a Data Breach?

No matter how large or small your business is, data breaches and other cybersecurity threats are a huge concern. Thankfully, staying on top of your network's health can keep would-be attackers at bay.


Still not sure if your system is safe from a data breach? Contact EnvisionIT Solutions online to request your free network assessment. Our experienced techs will evaluate your current setup for vulnerabilities and help you find a plan to stay protected.

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