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November 11, 2021

Training Your Employees to Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks

Training Your Employees to Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks

Stop Phishing attacks

Your employees can be some of the most significant vulnerabilities to the cybersecurity of your company. They don't mean to be a liability—but without the right training, your employees can unknowingly invite a phishing attack onto your servers. 


Protecting your business and customers from ransomware attacks and other phishing attempts takes constant vigilance.


How can employers encourage their staff to look for cyber dangers and help prevent a phishing attack? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Phishing? 

Phishing is an email that tricks employees into revealing information or giving hackers access to your networks.


These emails can look like legitimate correspondence from a recognized source. However, when a team member clicks a link within the email, they unknowingly communicate with a hacker. 


In many cases, the link takes your employee to a landing page that requests personal or business information. It can look like a legitimate page from a bank or other known source, but it's actually a site set up by a hacker to collect information. With that information, a hacker can gain access to your secure systems.


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Prevention Helps Thwart Phishing Attacks

Phishing attempts happen all the time! Checking your spam folder could reveal dozens of phishing emails right now. 


Without knowing what to look for, your staff can't tell the difference between legitimate business correspondence and harmful emails from cybercriminals. 


Many companies apply ongoing training and prevention best practices to keep employees on the lookout and boost cybersecurity efforts.


Training your staff can include information about:


  • The telltale signs of a phishing email—even the hard-to-recognize differences between a legitimate email and a well-crafted fake
  • What can happen when a hacker gains access to your system through a phishing email attack
  • What to do if an employee recognizes a phishing email
  • "Fake" phishing emails to create awareness and keep your team vigilant


Using "safe" phishing emails is a common training practice to catch employees who either aren't paying attention or continue to click on real phishing emails that put your company at risk. 


A cybersecurity company creates fake phishing emails that can arrive in inboxes at any time during regular business correspondence.


Employees who fall for the monitored phishing email receive additional training to help them be more aware of the dangers.


Repeat Offenders Are Dangerous

Whether they mean to do it or not, employees who repeatedly click on phishing emails are a danger to your company.


Training about phishing attacks should be a standard part of your company's ongoing employee development program.


Don't delay addressing the issue with employees who can't resist clicking on phishing test (or real) emails.


Watch our video - Security Tips: Phishing Emails

Training Helps Stop A Phishing Attack In Its Tracks

Your business can't afford to assume that every employee understands the dangers and tactics of a phishing attack. Investing the time and money into training employees will help them recognize, avoid, and report phishing attacks!


We hope you found this article helpful! Click to read more about phishing, and be sure to browse some of our other blogs. 

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