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February 4, 2020

Is There a Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Is There a Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

business-continuity-vs-disaster-recovery-2In the world of business, there are some things you can't have complete control over. When the worst comes and disaster hits, though, a good business knows what to do.

The importance of business continuity and disaster recovery are vital for a business.


Understanding and implementing these two ideas will save you when the time comes. 

Let's walk through the concepts of business continuity and disaster recovery. After today, you'll be ready to face any disaster scenario. Let's begin. 

Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery

Both of these concepts have a lot of connected details and a few important differences. Both of them revolve around contingencies in the case of a major business disaster, but they come from different angles.


A business disaster can range from a server crash, hardware malfunction, or even business sabotage.


Some of these can be a lot more common than others. They all revolve around one idea: a vital part of your business takes damage and needs fixing as soon as possible. 

First, let's start with what these two concepts mean and what they do for you in a disaster.

Traditional Backup vs. Business Continuity What Is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is a plan of action in the face of disaster. This is the before, during, and after plan that keeps a business running as smooth as possible while efforts go to recovery.

Business continuity is the broad scope of branch management. This is getting all the people back on their feet after a disaster. 


This focuses on communication and pre-plans of action. Management checks on each resource in a specified order, ensuring that the business follows a step-by-step process so no time goes to waste.

What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the step-by-step process within the business continuity. A lot of what makes up disaster recovery is backups, data recovery, and re-establishing connections.

Whatever items the disaster affects, that is where the disaster recovery needs to start. This means that when you craft a disaster recovery, it is often in reference to a particular disaster, or at least a type of disaster.

The Big Effect of IT

Today, every major business runs on an interconnected network of data storage and communications. This puts IT as the workhorse of both business continuity and disaster recovery. 


IT creates various backups for data. IT runs the communication lines like the internet and phones. This is the focal point of your planning, and mismanaging or ignoring your IT department is a death sentence.


A plan is only as good as how well you can execute it. This means understanding your IT limits and how to expand them if they do not cut it in the face of potential disaster. 

If you prepare, your IT department can make a nasty disaster look like a blip on the radar. 

Crafting the Plan for Your Business

Understanding both business continuity and disaster recovery will put your business on the fast track toward being secure when the worst hits. A business that fails to prepare will face potential failure soon.


Those that manage all their resources well are the champions of business. From IT services to web design, there is no end to what you can learn. Eager to keep yourself prepared? Check out our articles on IT security today.

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