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August 20, 2020

Is Upgrading to 5G Currently Worth it?

Is Upgrading to 5G Currently Worth it?

is-it-worth-it-upgrading-to-5G4G is currently available for 98% of Americans. But, if you know anything about tech, you know that the next big thing is always around the corner. We're talking, of course, about 5G connectivity.


5G is already available in some markets. But is it worth upgrading? Let's find out.

Keep reading as we explore the benefits of upgrading to 5G and discuss some of the benefits.

What Makes 5G Different Than 4G?

If you've ever made the jump from a 3G phone to a 4G phone, you might remember how much faster everything felt.


Within a split second, you could access your favorite websites, download files, and even schedule video conferences from your mobile device. It was a revolutionary shift that changed the way people do business.


So what's in store for 5G? Well, imagine doing all of those things...but 10 times faster.

5G speeds start at around 50Mbps, or what you might expect from your home Internet connection.


The real kicker, though, is the max speed. It's believed that 5G networks can deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps.


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For reference, a 4K Ultra High-Definition Blu-Ray is about 100GB. That means that you could download a full 4K movie in just a few minutes.


Industries That Could Benefit from Upgrading to 5G

5G connections could make a major difference in day-to-day business operations.

Soon, it'll be easier to access files from cloud storage, collaborate with peers in real time, and experience seamless continuity. That presents some exciting opportunities for businesses.


Media streaming services, in particular, have a lot to gain from 5G connectivity. If you plan to deliver on-demand content to customers, 5G connectivity will make your content shine.

Likewise, businesses that leverage location-based services or VoIP services can expect similar benefits.

Where Is 5G Available?

It's exciting to think about all of the possibilities 5G could bring.

Faster connections? Check.


Accessibility for a wide range of devices? Absolutely.

A better future for video calls? Sign us up!

That's all predicated on one major factor, though: Availability. And as of now, that's 5G's biggest hurdle.


New Call-to-ActionRight now, 5G is only available in a select few markets. While cell phone carriers are starting to introduce 5G in more markets, if you don't live in a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles or Atlanta, you may be out of luck.


Sprint and Verizon have the lead at the moment, though AT&T promises that more cities can expect 5G availability by the end of the year.


Still, that changes the question from should you upgrade to 5G to...can you upgrade to 5G? In most cases, the answer is, sadly, not quite yet.


Is Upgrading to 5G Worth It?

So, is it worth upgrading to 5G?


Absolutely! Provided you live in an area that currently supports 5G connections, that is. For everyone else, you'll have to wait and experience the difference for yourself.


Contact us today to learn more about what 5G means for your business and see if you're ready to make the jump.

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