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March 31, 2022

What Can a Next-Gen VOIP Phone System Do for Your Business?

What Can a Next-Gen VOIP Phone System Do for Your Business?

Next-Gen-VOIP-Phone-System-1As a business owner, you know staying on top of client communications is key to maintaining your success. And while email is a great tool, sometimes nothing can replace a phone call. Knowing this, you've likely been doing your research on VoIP phone systems.


You're intrigued by what you're learning but you're unsure of whether or not this technology is right for your business. To be more precise, you're wondering exactly how installing a next-gen VoIP phone system can benefit your business directly.


Besides the fact that major telecom providers are moving away from traditional copper phone lines altogether, there are other enticing reasons to make the switch.


Whether you're looking to lower your overhead or provide your employees with flexibility, there's a benefit for every type of business owner. Keep reading to learn what VoIP phone systems can do for your business.

Lower Costs

One of the major benefits of switching to a VoIP phone system is the reduction it brings to your overhead costs.


In fact, Forbes has found that businesses can cut costs by up to 75 percent by switching from a landline-based phone system to a VoIP system. How is that possible, you're probably asking?


It's because you already have an internet connection set up for your business. Your VoIP system will use the IP network you already have installed, thus eliminating your need to pay for separate phone service.


Additionally, most VoIP systems eliminate costs associated with making domestic long-distance calls. These costs can add up if your business requires that you maintain contact with out of state affiliates or other branches. Bypassing those costs can put money back into your budget for better use elsewhere. 


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Greater Flexibility of Features

With a VoIP phone system, your employees can take their phones anywhere because they are no longer confined to needing a phone jack for a landline connection.


As long as there is a broadband network jack, they can connect their phones to it. This is especially helpful if you move to a new location, as you will not have to set up an all-new phone service. 


You can also configure your VoIP system to route any calls to multiple locations like a landline or cell phone. This allows you to set up a call flow that can ring your office phone first, and then go to a voicemail or alternate phone line should you be out of your office.


Another great feature is virtual phone numbers. You can use any area code which means you can have a local number for each branch or location of your business. 


You can also easily host conference calls with VoIP systems, since this feature is native to the majority of VoIP services. This means you can stop paying for a separate conference call service, further cutting your costs.


Watch our Video: What is VOIP?

Ready for a VoIP Phone System

If a VoIP phone system seems like the right fit for your business, contact us today for a free assessment! 

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