7 Questions To Ask Before Investing in VoIP

So you are thinking of moving your office phones over to VoIP? Before you do that, do yourself a favor and read this blog post. It will not only save you money, it will educate you about the various details of VoIP phones. 

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What Are The Characteristics of A Professional Website?


Professional web design is almost an art form now in keeping up with the tide of changes that people expect. While some characteristics have always been around, and others have gone away, what should you do this year that will designate your website as

 truly professional? What is a professional website? Most of these things are preparation for the future as web browsing goes into a state of being read on the go.


Being Optimized for Mobile

Just about every blog or article that gives recommendations on professional web design is going to place mobile optimization as the imperative above all. Web browsing is now becoming something done when on the move and less while sitting idly behind a desk. And when that browsing is done, the format has to be accurate, or you risk customers closing out your site and going elsewhere. People want information fast and in a way that's instantly readable rather than a PC site that's jumbled in the mobile format.


Programming your website so it's adaptive to mobile screens is your first priority today. Then you should focus on the details so it looks appealing in any format.


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Your General Website Appearance

A website that looks good today doesn't necessarily have to mean multiple special effects. While some effects still grab attention, having a clean design that makes sense, has good color balance, has meaningful graphics, plus easily readability is the key to success. In some cases, that might mean going with extreme basics, as in the popular trend of flat design. The more you can pare down from your original vision, the more people will appreciate your design economy.


A Layout That Make it Easy to Navigate

Part of the appearance aspect is bringing an outstanding layout with easy navigability. This means a menu that makes sense and placed in an unobtrusive place on the main page. It also means a website that isn't overly crowded with so many bells and whistles, it slows down the loading times. In the age of mobile, a slow-loading site is a dangerous thing and can mean a frustrated user bouncing from your site to a competitor. In this regard, it's best to remove unnecessary animations or anything else taking too much bandwidth.


Compelling Content

You know what they say, "content is king." The content you provide on your site is also going to decide whether someone stays or leaves. Users today are quick studies on content and can tell right away if it's outdated or too challenging to read. Providing content in short paragraphs or even videos is the best way to provide information without bogging it down in lengthy text with unattractive fonts.


Also think of the demographic and write in a tone suitable for them and not one out of or below their league.


The Perpetual Importance of SEO

SEO has always been important, and it'll continue to be in the future. Today, SEO for images is important in such a visual culture, as is the importance of avoiding black hat SEO. The latter happens when hiring an SEO expert who creates spammy links on your website. With Google cracking down on this, be sure to hire SEO experts who only adhere to white hat SEO practices.


You can be assured of that here at EnvisionIT Solutions, along with extensive expertise in outstanding web design. Contact us so we can design a website that fits the criteria for what's expected today, plus provide you expert inbound marketing tips and IT support along the way.

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