What is VOIP and Why Should I Switch?

Long gone are the days where business owners are required to pay by the minute for long distance phone calls. Today, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has replaced the traditional phone system and introduced a wealth of solutions to make business easier.

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Your Website Should be Using Video to Boost Your Web Marketing

Your website should be using video to boost your web marketing

Using video on your company website can make a huge difference in your conversion rate, turning casual website visitors into customers. Unfortunately, because many business owners are unaware of why this is the case, they fail to use video and 

therefore maximizing their website's potential to contribute to the bottom line. Let’s have a look at five benefits of why your website should be using video to boost your web marketing.


The Law of Three

A rule of thumb is that you have three seconds to give your viewers a good reason to stay on your website before they get bored and turn away. This means that if it takes your website 2.5 seconds to load, you will have approximately half a second to make your case as to why your viewers should stick around. If nothing catches their eye by the three-second mark, they may well become just another negative statistic.


To the contrary, the longer a viewer stays on your page, the greater the likelihood that they will become a credible lead. The iconic 'play' button in the top fold of your website is one of the best ways to keep your viewers' attention for long enough to get your most relevant content across to them. This is one of the most important advantages to video marketing.


Visual Connection

Short video clips, as may be displayed and carried out as your introduction on your homepage, are incredibly share-friendly on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This is because users like their page to remain socially active, and one of the best ways to do that is to post content that is not only engaging but that viewers do not need to read. Let's face it. Most viewers go online to satisfy visual cravings, and plain text simply doesn't have the spark that video does. This is what makes video marketing more influential and effective than blog posts. Additionally, videos are often very compatible with mobile viewing media.


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Emotional Connection

You may not be able to make a personal introduction to all of your prospective clients, but posting a video of yourself describing the benefits of a product allows them to connect with you emotionally. Many prospective clients must feel comfortable with not only the brand, but also the man or woman behind the curtain before committing themselves to a product or service. This is only natural. If they can hear the excitement in your voice and see the sincerity in your eyes as you present how your product or service can solve a problem they have, they are more likely to poke around your website than if you merely present them with a .jpg of a big smile and your pearly whites. Represent your product, not your ego!


A Leisurely Surfing Experience

Viewers have become so conditioned against obnoxious banners and pay-per-click advertisements that they have become literally blind to anything that appears ad-like in nature. On the other hand, having video on your website not only makes your company and product appear professional and legitimate, but affords viewers a sense of trust in your company. They may not play your video their first time on the site, but they know it will be there to watch at their leisure when they have finished vetting their vendors.Download: 25 Website Mus Haves

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