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August 14, 2019

How to Sync Your Files Across Multiple Devices

How to Sync Your Files Across Multiple Devices

how-to-sync-your-files-across-multiple-devicesWhether you're on the move, working remotely while traveling or moving between different devices, staying on top of your files can be tricky. The last thing you want is to misplace a file on your home desktop computer when it's needed in the office for a presentation.


The good news is that after you have discovered how to sync your files, you will be able to move them through the cloud with ease. This means that you can access them at all times, on all devices.


If you need a little bit of help in syncing your files and gaining control, please continue reading.

Learning How To Sync Your Files

When you create a file on your desktop, it is effectively stored locally on your computer. The only way that it can be shared is through traditional means, such as emailing or dragging to a USB-enabled device.


This is problematic though. Many companies have now banned USB devices, because of the malware risk that they pose to devices.


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This is why online syncing between devices has become popular, both for businesses and personal use over the last three years.


When it comes to learning how to sync your files, the good news is that many of the services which can do it are intuitive to use.

File Syncing Services

There are two different styles of file-syncing software available. The first uses cloud-based technology, whereas the other is desktop-based.


Cloud-based syncing services are based on the web. With a simple log-in and account, you will be able to edit, delete and move files on any device, as long as you have access to the internet (and remember your password).


Some of the most popular ones include Dropbox and Apple's iCloud service which allows you to share files from your phone directly with your computer.


Although desktop applications aren't stored online, they are a great alternative to cloud-based syncing services. SyncToy, a solution created by Microsoft, allows plenty of options for syncing between devices.


You can even store separate versions of files, in case different people in the office want to make edits at the same time. This is brilliant for allowing people to create their own notes on a presentation, for example.

Portable Devices

People are used to having their phones with them at all times these days. This means that you can take advantage of them to sync computer files as well.


If your phone has the latest Bluetooth connectivity, you should be able to transfer files such as documents and images between your printer and computer with ease.

Data at Your Fingertips

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At first, learning how to sync your files can be a lot to think about. You should think about it as a brilliant way of modernizing your working practices though, rather than an annoying obstacle.


Once you have mastered it, you can share documents with colleagues, and easily share memorable moments and photos with loved ones.


Learning how to sync files is just one of the first tech tips which can help your business operate more efficiently in the long term. It will allow you and your employees to be active not just 

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