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April 17, 2020

The Purpose of a Logo: 7 Reasons Why a Logo Is Important

The Purpose of a Logo: 7 Reasons Why a Logo Is Important



People have used stylized images to label items they've created or owned for thousands of years. 


These watermarks, cattle brands, and family crests from history morphed into what we now call logos.


The purpose of a logo is to identify your business. Think of it like a country's flag. Each element within the flag has meaning. The overall emotions the flag elicits thanks to these elements become a shortcut for describing that country. 


Logos do more than just identify your business. Here are some other reasons why logos are important.

1. Show That Your Business is Unique

If every shoe brand used the infamous Nike swoosh logo, there wouldn't be a highly competitive market for sneakers. Customers would see the logo and associate it with shoes in general. 


A good logo makes your business stand out in the crowd and draws attention.


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2. Makes a Strong First Impression

Often the first thing customers notice about a business is their logo. It's in every advertisement. The logo is also the main part of any promotional material and business cards you hand out. 


A weak or confusing logo sends customers a message that whoever runs the business may not care. That isn't the first impression anyone wants to make.

3. Logos Increase Recognition

Customers usually spend less than fifteen seconds deciding what they want to purchase. Businesses need to be able to capture a customer's attention in that time. 


Picture-based logos tend to be more memorable. Why? Human minds process pictures faster than words because they "read" them as a whole instead of as a sequential pattern.

4. Sends a Message

A logo needs to speak for the personality of the brand.


A lawyer won't be taken seriously with a smiling cactus on their logo. However, if a family-owned plant nursery used it instead, that would set it apart from similar businesses while giving the impression that they're unique, playful, and inviting.

New call-to-action5. Shows Your Professionalism

There are millions of businesses operating in the United States. Most of those are small, family-run businesses. 


To stand out from the pack, you need to have a logo. It proves that you are committed to the business by investing the time, money, and energy it takes to create a strong logo.

6. Instills Brand Loyalty

Logos provide a visual shortcut for customers. At a glance, they see a logo and know that, for instance, the cookie they're looking at was made by a reliable business or brand. They then buy that brand regularly to feel like they're not wasting money on something inferior.

7. Gives Your Company Longevity

A logo not only represents your business, but also a commitment to the customer. It says that you plan to be around a long time.


Companies like Sherwin-Williams have used the same logo for over a hundred years. In doing so, they invite customers to remember their history of reliability and quality. 

Now That You Understand the Purpose of a Logo, Use It Wisely

One purpose of a logo is to show the world your business can be trusted, so you need to put your best foot forward.

Creating a professional logo is a huge step toward making your business successful. 

We'd like to help! Contact us today to learn more about creating a logo for your business.

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