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September 12, 2019

Windows 10 vs Windows 7? Some Stats for Your Planned Upgrade

Windows 10 vs Windows 7? Some Stats for Your Planned Upgrade

windows-10-vs-windows-7Choosing between Windows 10 vs Windows 7 isn't an easy task when upgrading from a different OS. Windows 10's improved functionalities and redesigned interfaces can seem too good to pass up. Yet, its cost can push people away — especially when you're upgrading an entire network of computers.


It's vital to make the right choice, though. Your operating system is one of the most fundamental parts of your computer. It's what decides how you can use it and what the computer can accomplish. Without a good operating system, your employees may be lost when trying to get work done online.


Microsoft knows how important a business's operating system is, and that's why it improves Windows with each new version! Windows 10 blows Windows 7 out of the water, improving every statistic and number associated with it, except one. It has a higher price than Windows 7.


To learn more about whether to go with Windows 10 or Windows 7, just keep reading below!


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Windows 7 Dies January 2020

Windows 7 may come at a lower cost, but it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. While Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025, Windows 7 support ends on January 2020. And while you may enjoy a few months of support to help you get things up and running, it won't be the kind of support Windows 10 gets.


There are two cycles of support for Windows operating systems, and each lasts 5 years. The first cycle, called mainstream support, is the time in which Microsoft releases regular updates for the OS. These updates can include new features, or it can address new bugs or security vulnerabilities.


The second cycle, called extended support, is the time period after mainstream support ends. This is when Microsoft begins to wind down the operating system and only releases technical updates for security vulnerabilities and other basic support.


Windows 7's extended support cycle ends in January. After that, it will be up to you keep the computers using it running.


Windows 10 is Standard

New Call-to-ActionMicrosoft estimates that at least 400 million people use Windows 10 every day. The reason so many people prefer Windows 10 over other operating systems is simple: it's a good OS. It has a user-friendly interface, it's more efficient than it's predecessor, and it even uses Cortana for voice commands.


Windows 10 is an OS designed to be used on any platform, whether it's a desktop PC or a tablet. That means it doesn't matter whether you're an established business running off of towers, or a new start-up suing tablets. You can take advantage of Windows 10's cloud storage options, touch-screen controls, or any of the features that help you focus on work!


Newer Versions Come at a Higher Price

Microsoft stopped selling Windows 7 through its official store years ago, but that doesn't mean it's not available. You can buy secondhand PCs or even secondhand licenses in bulk for cheap. Yet, you may spend more money later trying to keep your network running.


Buying Windows 10 can cost you $200 for a pro version. It can also net you into a monthly subscription plan, costing you cash every month to keep your network running, at $7 per user. The cost to use the latest and greatest can get high, but it may still be worth it.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7: Which to Choose?

Choosing between Windows 10 vs Windows 7 is difficult. It's a question between how much your company needs to accomplish with its technology, and how much you can spend on it. Yet, whichever OS you choose will need an IT support team behind it to manage the complex details that come with any network.


For that, we're here. Contact us if you need help upgrading your system or managing your network. We'll make sure your technology does what it's supposed to: work for you!

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