7 Questions To Ask Before Investing in VoIP

So you are thinking of moving your office phones over to VoIP? Before you do that, do yourself a favor and read this blog post. It will not only save you money, it will educate you about the various details of VoIP phones. 

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5 Strategies for Better Computer Backups


better-backupsBacking up your computer or server data is not the most exciting thing to talk about. Things will get really exciting in a hurry if you have a problem and you lose all your data. Backing up your computer or server is the only way to ensure that all of the important and sensitive information you have stored is safe from a potential disaster.


Having a rock-solid data backup strategy is a must, here are 5 tips for a better backup protection.


1. Use a cloud service, BDR or both

 At the very minimum, you should be utilizing a cloud backup service like Carbonite or Mozy to backup your data. The most effective solution is to use an onsite BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) unit to backup your data in conjunction with a remote service. A BDR is a unit stored locally that quickly and automatically backs up your data. Your company downtime will be greatly decreased if you have data on a BDR in case of a computer or server failure. Pulling data from the cloud can take weeks when pulling data from a BDR can take under an hour. 


Download: Staying Alive2. Automate your backup

It's as simple as routine maintenance. Once every six months, back up all of your files. But don't do it manually, choose any automated backup option you wish, but it's better to get it in place before it's too late.


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3. Run a test for accuracy

There are few things worse than setting up a backup strategy just to find out that it didn't work. So while it may be convenient and nice to automate and let it do it's magic, check it every so often for accuracy and to make sure your data is being stored properly. 


4. Backup everything

Don't get trapped in just backing up files on your "My Documents" folder. It's also important to back up websites, databases, emails, applications, and so on. You will need it all if you have to restore after a loss.


5. Ask for help

Don't have time? Unsure where to start? Luckily for you there are IT support systems in place to help. Look to a trusted adviser who knows technology, can provide back up solutions, and can educate employees on the procedures of protecting all of your important data.

If you have any questions about your backup strategy or to learn more about server backups, contact us here. If would like a Free network assessment so we can check your backup status and give you an idea what shape your network is in, click here.

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So you are thinking of moving your office phones over to VoIP? Before you do that, do yourself a favor and read this blog post. It will not only save ...

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